Who Is Cartoonz Girlfriend? Check Here About His Current Relationship

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On the internet, Luke Patterson is known as Cartoonz for his animated gaming films that are both hilarious and interesting. His comic animated character popouts set him apart from other video game makers. Beginning in March of 2015, he began posting videos to his YouTube page.

Success on YouTube

Luke(Cartoonz) set up his YouTube channel on September 10, 2006, but it wasn’t until 2015 that he started uploading videos. His favorite games are the “Bioshock” series, “Mass Effect” series, and “Elder Scrolls” series. He also tried “World of Warcraft,” but that MMORPG takes a long time to get familiar with, and Luke didn’t want to spend that much time on one game.

cartoonz girlfriend

He plays “God of War,” “Devil May Cry,” “Destiny 2,” and other games on his YouTube channel. Luke receives a lot of handwritten letters from his fans, and some of them send him sketches, pictures, and artwork, and Luke enjoys all of the attention, saying that he loves his fans endlessly, even though many of them admit that Luke is quite aggressive in his videos; when answering questions in his “Q&A” video, he uses a lot of aggressive and offensive words. I’m attempting to be amusing but failing.

H20 Delirious has become a friend and collaborator

For the past 15 years, he’s been a close friend of H20 Delirious, another YouTube star with around three million subscribers who has never revealed his identity, preferring to stream or make movies while wearing a Jason mask. Many of Luke’s admirers inquire about Delirious’ appearance, but Luke never responds, instead only stating that he looks like a guy, which should suffice for his admirers because, in Luke’s opinion, how a person appears doesn’t matter in the least. He further maintains that he has no right to divulge any specifics regarding Delirious’ face because it is solely his and not Luke’s business.

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Ex-Girlfriend: Delirious’s Sister

Luke had been seeing Delirious’ sister for a long time. They dated for over eight years before calling it quits for an unclear reason. Luke and Delirious had always been good friends, but during that time they were more like brothers, spending time together as a big family.

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Who is Cartoonz dating?

Luke has been dating Genay Peavey for approximately three years; they live together, like traveling together, and she currently works as Luke’s brand manager.

cartoonz girlfriend

Genay also claims to be the creator of “The Recovery Planner,” a step-by-step planner that, according to its Instagram profile, helps people recover from anything. Genay is infatuated with artificial nail patterns, which she changes frequently, as well as tattoos, which she has on her arms, shoulders, legs, and feet — her father is a professional tattoo artist – and photography, as well as Yoga.

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