Colin Below Deck Girlfriend: Meet His Girlfriend Silvia Latini, how They Meet the First Time

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Colin MacRae was raised on the South Island of New Zealand by his mother and father. A cast member of “Below Deck Sailing Yacht” season two. Long-time yachtsman and Chief Engineer on superyachts. More than eight years later, he joined Parsifal III. When Colin appeared in the second season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, he quickly became a fan favorite.

Before appearing on this show, he and his girlfriend Martina lived in Panama. During the time he spent filming the show in Croatia, he had someone to lean on: his girlfriend. Sailing Parlay Revival is the name of his YouTube channel, where he has been documenting his progress. This season, he’s gained the admiration of many viewers and a sly smile.

Colin is always willing to help out whoever needs it. However, Colin’s kindness can be misinterpreted as weakness. In terms of his education and family history, there is no information available at this time.

What Is the Name of Colin Mac Rae’s Lady Love?

31-year-old Silvia Latini, Colin MacRae‘s girlfriend, got her start in the fashion industry working as a clerk. After that, she went on to work as a consultant for another company.

As a marketing manager, she worked for six years in Terni, Italy, for a car dealership. Although she was not satisfied with her hectic work schedule, in December 2019 she decided to become a boat stewardess in Panama, the Sab Blas Islands.

colin below deck girlfriend

For the first three months, she worked as a waitress at the restaurant and met MacRae, a fellow traveler. After hearing Latini’s thoughts, the sailor invited her to join his crew. Then, two or three months later, they embarked on a world cruise aboard a catamaran.

She even filmed his videos for Parlay Revival on YouTube. It didn’t take long for the cupid to take hold and in January of 2021, they began their relationship in a legal sense.

In an Instagram post on January 23, MacRae revealed that he was engaged to his girlfriend. The most recent video on his YouTube channel, Sailing Parlay Revival, shows him kissing his girlfriend sweetly.

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Despite the Fact that Colin Mac Rae’s Girlfriend Is Still in Italy, He Has Not Returned.

Latini was nowhere to be found over the holidays. She left behind a small Christmas tree, according to some of the crew members. Latini recently announced that she was leaving Italy, but it appears that she is still in the country at the time of this writing.

“At least 4 weeks ago,” she wrote on Instagram with a video. I had to paint Parlay quickly before she returned to Linton Bay Marina after spending 10 months on land there and couldn’t get back out on the water until I beat the rin.” To have witnessed the splash would have been a nice bonus. An experience I had been anticipating for weeks and was overjoyed to have. But life never fails to remind us of its unpredictable nature, and I had to return to Italy just one day before the “big day.”

Job for Silvia Latini

Earlier this year, Silvia Latini, a Panamanian native, began working as a boat hostess in Panama’s San Blas Islands. At some point along the way, she met Colin and began working for him, filming videos for his YouTube channel “Parlay Revival,” before departing on a round-the-world boat trip with him.
Due to a family emergency, she had to return home early in October 2021.

colin below deck girlfriend

Silvia wrote on Instagram after her return, “Parlay is my home away from home, and seeing the joy and emotion in the faces of those who have been there will make me experience the same emotions as if I had never left.” Silvia wrote this after her return.
As a result of her previous sailing and travel experiences, however, she was eager and ready to return to Parlay and carry on her journey as planned.

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