Dapper Laughs Girlfriend: Dapper Laughs Is Engaged to His Girlfriend, but What About His Personal Life?

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Dapper Laughs is a well-known Facebook personality who was born in the United Kingdom on June 14, 1990. Daniel O’Reilly, a British social media sensation, has his own show on ITV called Dapper Laughs: On The Pull. On Facebook, he has over 2.9 million fans. Before Vine was shut down, he had over 650,000 followers. Gemini is Dapper Laughs’ zodiac sign, according to astrologers.

dapper laughs girlfriend

He was born and raised in Clapham Common, London. He has been engaged to Shelley Rae since January 2018. Neve is his daughter with Shelley.

Photographs of James Arthur with His Fiancée, Dapper Laughs

Shelley Rae, after the Celebrity Big Brother actress accused him of attempting to sleep with her, has surfaced.
Shelley, a model, was photographed with the singer during a Marbella’s La Sala By The Sea concert.

dapper laughs girlfriend
At the gig in Spain, James, 30, can be seen posing for a photo with Shelley and a friend.

There’s No Evidence that Anything Happened Between the Two

On Wednesday, Dapper, 33 – real name Daniel O’Reilly – took to Twitter to attack James for allegedly failing to meet his pal after a performance in Marbella.

‘Mugged your mate off?’ James raged. I did a meet and greet with all 500 individuals who were there on my own dime, how arrogant of me to do it during my best friend’s stag weekend.

‘You Must Be Angry’ When you tried to blag your way into Big Brother, I didn’t recognize you.’

‘I swerved mugging you off when you DM’d my bird, trying to b**g her because I respect the battle with the media you had & respect you making a living with your jaw, which Id hate to ruin,’ Dapper wrote shortly after.

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Personal Life: Are You Single or Married?

Shelley Rae, a model, is Dapper‘s long-term girlfriend. Shelley met Dapper when she was sent as one of the glamour models to pose topless with him at one of his shows.

Until 2016, the pair had only been photographed once, and the shot was posted on Dapper’s Instagram. Shelley was tagged in the post, with the fantastic comic calling her a darling.

dapper laughs girlfriend

In January 2018, the comedian proposed while filming Celebrity Big Brother. The two were Big Brother housemates and contestants on the show. Dapper constructed a paper ring for his future wife because he didn’t have access to the outside world to buy her a decent ring.

After that, in February 2018, Dapper took his fiancée to Hatton Garden Jewellery in London to select an engagement ring. Shelley then showed off her enormous oval diamond ring on Instagram on February 7th.

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The Children of Dapper

Dapper Laughs and his girlfriend Shelley Rae have two daughters together. Neve O’Reilly, their eldest daughter, was born on December 3, 2016. The musician had intended to share the entire childbirth process of his daughter via Snapchat, but the experience proved to be too emotional and private for him.

Roux Harper Benita O’Reilly, his youngest daughter, was born on December 23, 2018.

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How Did Dapper Laughs Amass Such Wealth?

Despite the fact that he had been active previously, 2014 was a watershed moment for him. Proper Moist was Dapper Laughs’ first single. It reached number 15 on the UK chart. ITV premiered his show On the Pull-in in September 2014. On one show, he pretended to be a pickup artist, giving other guys tips on how to score with women. Some opponents saw it as demeaning to women. ITV supported the comic, but the program was not renewed for a second season.

O’Reilly, on the other hand, didn’t give up. He revealed a brand new stand-up comedy series in the guise of an online sitcom for 2015.

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