Who Is Hunter Moore Girlfriend? Where is Kirra Hughes Now?

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Hunter Moore (b. March 9, 1986) is a Sacramento, California, native and convicted felon. According to Rolling Stone, he is “the Internet’s most reviled man.”

Revenge porn website Is Anyone Up? was developed by him in 2010 and allowed users to upload sexually graphic images of people online without their knowledge, frequently accompanied by personal information such as their name and address. I asked him to take down the photos, but he refused.

Ex-girlfriend of Hunter Moore

Hunter Moore’s girlfriend, Kirra Hughes, is the brains behind Isanyoneup.com. Although her exact age and date of birth aren’t known, it’s safe to assume she’s in her 20s. Encinitas, a small seaside town in California, is where Kirra Hughes was born and raised.

hunter moore girlfriend

At the tender age of a few years old, she exhibited a strong sense of independence, getting herself into a number of mishaps. It appears that Kirra was a difficult child to raise, based on the trailer. At the age of 18, Kirra, according to the presentation, came to San Francisco in order to pursue a career as a fashion designer in the city.

When she went to a friend’s birthday celebration, she bumped into her ex, Hunter. There was an immediate attraction between them, and she believes that it was love at first sight. Kirra remembered thinking about it.

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Where is Kirra Hughes?

Kirra is now a New Yorker. It was amazing, and I was incredibly delighted to have done so,” Kirra told PhotoBook Magazine of her childhood in California. New York, on the other hand, was always my home.

Towards the end of the event, Kirra Hughes declared she’d had enough of the messages and threats she’d received. She then purchased a one-way ticket to New York City and never returned home. Kiara, the criminal’s ex-girlfriend, is currently living and working as a model in New York’s trendy neighborhood of Brooklyn.

She’s always wanted to be a prop maker. Kirra has also addressed the possibility of working on multiple projects at once. When it comes to painting, she is a professional who has put her past behind her.

Hunter Moore Information

Self-described “professional life savior” Moore likened his own actions to those of Charles Manson. It was up for 16 months, and Moore argued numerous times that the same laws that protect Facebook protected him. Moore also hired a hacker to enter into the email accounts of his victims and obtain their private images, which he then posted.

When the mother of one of the victims contacted the FBI in 2012, they launched an investigation against Moore. When the site was shut down in April of that year, it was sold to an anti-bullying organization. According to the court documents, Moore admitted to the accusations against him in February of 2015, which included aggravated identity theft and aiding and abetting an unauthorized computer intrusion. Two years and six months in prison, a fine of $2,000, and a restitution payment of $145.70 were handed down to Moore in November 2015. May of 2017 saw his emancipation.

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Ex-girlfriend of Hunter Moore laments not stopping the ‘master of revenge p*rn

Most Hated Man on the Internet” filmmaker Hunter Moore’s ex-girlfriend, Kirra Hughes, says she wishes she had done more to stop her ex from starting a revenge porn website called IsAnyoneUp. It was in 2010 when Moore relocated from Sydney to his parent’s house in California that he launched his revenge pornography website, also known as a “professional life-ruiner.”

When Moore left Sydney, he hoped to re-create the social nightlife that he enjoyed there. Because of his friend’s heartbreaking loss, he founded isanyoneup.com in order to broadcast photos and stories of “a b***h who destroyed his heart.” The friend started uploading photographs back on the website, and soon many others were hooked on it, sharing pictures and videos of their exes, along with information about them.

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