Is Ben Azelart Dating Hannah? He Revealed that He Is Dating Hannah Thomas

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His name is Ben Azelart and he is a well-known American YouTuber, professional skateboarder and actor, and social media celebrity. YouTube’s “Self-Titled” Channel was launched by him in 2014. He gained a large following on YouTube by posting a variety of entertaining videos, including pranks, vacation vlogs, and challenges.

2016 saw the release of “The Start of My YouTube,” which was widely praised and steadily grew in popularity among his many fans. Millions of people follow him on various social media platforms. To round out his acting resume, you can find him on a variety of reality and web TV series.

Early Life

Ben Azelart, who was born on January 10, 2002, will be 20 years old in 2022. When he was born in Texas, he was raised by an upper-middle-class family. He is known to be an American citizen and adhere to the Christian faith, which he has publicly stated.

He attended Kailua Intermediate School in Hawaii for his primary and secondary studies. A private institution in Hawaii was his next stop, and there he earned his bachelor’s degree. In his youth, he was a frequent competitor in skateboarding contests and had a deep interest in the sport.

Is Ben Azelart’s girlfriend, Hannah Thomas, a reality star?

After a brief courtship, Ben Azelart is now seeing Hannah Thomas. On Valentine’s Day, he posted a snapshot of the two together on Instagram. On Valentine’s Day, he surprised everyone by revealing that he was dating Hannah, even though he had previously kept the relationship a secret from his fans and followers.

We can tell that Hannah is a joy to be around, and the two of them look fantastic together. In Ben’s images, they appear equally smitten. Hannah is a mystery, but she’s gotten a lot of attention when it was revealed that she is his partner in crime.

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Ben Azelart has previously been involved with Lexi Rivera

Ben Azelart has previously been romantically involved with several attractive women. Previously, he had a relationship with Lexi Rivera. Lexi and Ben first started dating in 2018 and were spotted together in recordings.

In addition, he shared photos of her on Instagram, and the two of them will say their final goodbyes in 2020. Ben revealed to Lexi on Instagram that he will be single in 2021 by posting a photo of himself.

is ben azelart dating hannah

Many people assumed he hadn’t moved on from Lexi, but when his wife found out, they were all taken back by the revelation. He had previously been romantically linked to actress and model Brighton Sharbino before meeting Lexi.

Ben Azelart and Hannah Tomas are of different ages. Ben Azelart is a 20-year-old college student, while Hannah Tomas is between 15 and 20 years old. Since there could be a gap of two years between them, this method could work. Despite the fact that Ben and Hannah appear to be of a similar age, neither has revealed anything about their romantic relationships to the broader public just yet.

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Affluence, Compensation, and Earnings

Ben is a skateboarder who rose to fame after starting a YouTube channel and posting footage of himself skating. On June 4th, 2014, he launched his YouTube channel, which now has 206k followers and 8 million views.

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