Jalen Hurts Girlfriend: Disclose the NFL Player’s Hidden Dating Life!

Jalen Alexander Hurts, who was born on August 7, 1998, plays quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles of the NFL.

He spent the first three years of his college football career at Alabama, where he was a member of the squad that eventually won the 2018 College Football Playoff National Championship, before transferring to Oklahoma for his senior year.

Hurts, who the Eagles would later draught in the second round of the 2020 NFL Draft, would wind up being the team’s starting quarterback.

Jalen Hurts Dating

In the year 2022, he is not in a relationship. Since he is concentrating on his career, he is currently single. He never revealed anything about his personal life, including his romantic relationships. He has dated Bry Burrows.

Jalen Hurts and Bry Burrows Relationship Rumours

Since the quarterback’s draught, rumors have circulated that Jalen Hurts and Bry Burrows have had a rocky relationship:

The one and only female Hurts has ever dated officially speaks to his loyal and endearing nature. Such sights are rare in the modern world. Former classmate Bry Burrows was his ex-lover. They were both born in the same year, and Hurts went to the University of Alabama for three years before being selected by the Eagles in the NFL draught.

His one and only relationship with Burrows, and it was not a happy one that lasted long enough for him to follow his quarterback to Oklahoma in 2019. To the best of our knowledge, this is the only committed relationship that Hurts has ever had.

jalen hurts girlfriend

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It Has Been Stated

However, the two have continued to communicate with one another on and off after they parted ways after graduation. To show her support for Jalen Hurts, Burrows attended the Eagles’ season opening versus the Falcons last year.

It was unclear if she had come as a lover or simply a close friend. He may have found his lucky charm in her, as the Eagles crushed the Falcons 32-6.

He and Burrows are not currently dating, and it appears their past relationship was not serious. Hurts appear committed to his NFL future and eager to prove that he can be a dominant player at the next level.

Bry Burrows

Her LinkedIn page states that after graduating from Kennesaw Mountain High School, she was honored with the Principal Leadership Award and the Most Spirited Award. Upon finishing high school, Bry enrolled in the University of Alabama to study political science.

During this time, she was also a full-time student at the University of Granada, where she earned a BA in Latin American Literature in 2015.

Bry Burrows was a top-tier student at his university. At the University of Alabama, she achieved both the Dean’s List and the honor roll.

She was active in several clubs and societies throughout her stay at the university, including the Golden Key International Honour Society, the largest collegiate honor society, which accepts only the top 15% of university students based on academic performance.

In addition to being named Most Outstanding Junior and being inducted into The Elliot Society, she was also inducted into the Cardinal Key Honor Society, Order of Omega, Blue Key Honor Society, and the prestigious National Honor Society.

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Junior Year Career

Many wondered if Alabama would keep Hurts as their starting quarterback after Tagovailoa’s performance in the National Championship game last year. Tagovailoa began the season at quarterback for Alabama against Louisville.

jalen hurts girlfriend

Hurts were substituted in and out of the game throughout. In the 51-14 win, he threw for 70 yards. The next game is against Arkansas State, and Tagovailoa will start at quarterback. In 2018, Hurts saw much action in a backup capacity.

After Tagovailoa was injured in the 2018 SEC Championship Game, he came in and led the team to a comeback victory against Georgia. So far, Alabama is undefeated (13-0) and has qualified for the Playoff.

It was in December of 2018 that Hurts finished his Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Information Sciences.

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