Who Is Jay All Day Girlfriend? Keep a Closer Eye on His Interesting Love Story

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American comedian, content creator, and TikTok star Jay (real name: Jay) is well-known online for his hilarious prank films. His username, Jaykindafunny8, has become synonymous with his brand.

Among his many talents as a content developer, Jay Kinda funny8 stands out for his good looks, intelligence, originality, and brilliance. More than 22 million people have followed him on TikTok thanks to his wit and ability to connect with others.

What Up, Jay Amariah Morales and Aka Jaykindafunny have been pals for a very long time.

The media always pays attention whenever a well-known individual begins a new relationship. Jaykindafunny, another content source, has experienced the same situation.

Considering his history of relationships, the internet was shocked to learn about his newfound infatuation with Amariah Morales.


On November 17th, 2018, Jaykindafunny8 signed up for the video-sharing platform, and in January of that year, he posted his debut video. The first video Jay ever uploaded to YouTube was titled “SAYING GOODBYE TO MY AIRFORCE FRIEND emotional” and was posted in January of 2019.

With over 610k subscribers and 500m video views, Jaykindafunny is one of the most popular YouTubers. More than 60 million people have seen the video he posted to YouTube titled “Best buddies.”

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The Jaykindafunny Girlfriend, Amariah Morales

Currently, Jay is dating Amariah Morales. Amariah is a popular Instagram model and social media influencer. She is noted for her lovely appearance.

She regularly posts photos on Instagram featuring different brands. One of her most popular types of postings is the lingerie, in which she sits and poses in a variety of fashionable outfits.

jay all day girlfriend

Instagram user @amariahmorales posts as Morales. She has 309,000 Instagram followers, yet she only follows back a small fraction of them.

Amariah has also joined the ranks of those who use TikTok to post videos. She shares content on the video-sharing platform Tiktok, such as dances and viral videos. A substantial number of people follow her across all of the major social media platforms.

Jaykindafunny & Amariah

Jaykindafunny and Amariah have been seeing one other for some time. However, they had not shared the specific beginning date of their relationship. They just lately shared the news of their relationship with their devotees. That Jaykindafunny ever dated Aileen Christine is a load of hogwash.

Jay’s relationship with Amariah has now been revealed to be of a very specific type. Amariah frequently appears in Jay’s Tiktok videos, which the two have started making together.

Amariah has been providing her significant other with access to a wide variety of films and information via her two social media profiles. Plus, she’s been posting selfies with Jay on Instagram. She just posted a photo of herself and her boyfriend holding a sign that read “My everything.”

They give off an air of deep affection for one another, and their fans can’t get enough of the work they’ve been putting out.

True Jaykindafunnyness resides in Jay. He is better known by his stage name, however. As an American social media celebrity, he has amassed a considerable following on TikTok and YouTube. The fact that he is so well-known for uploading and freely sharing prank videos sets him apart.

By keeping people entertained and interested, he was able to amass a massive following on the internet. As someone born on August 18, 2001, Jay will celebrate his 20th birthday in the early years of 2022. Jay is American and a local of The Bronx, New York. In a June 2019 video, he mocked many people, including his own father.

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Amariah Morales

The 23-year-old Amariah Morales became a household name after landing a role in Season 5 of The Last Kingdom on Netflix. They whole biography of her can be found here.

Aelfwynn was portrayed by Phia Saban in Season 5 of The Last Kingdom. She is set to make her first TV appearance this season. Casting director Kelly Valentine Hendry’s recent works feature a number of new characters, such as Harry Gilby and Patrick Robinson, Harry Anton, Harry Anton, Ryan Quarmby, and Sonya Cassidy.
She has a background in performing and hosting for the BBC. There have been rumblings on social media that she will make an appearance in the upcoming season of the HBO series House of Dragons.

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