Jeff Bezos New Girlfriend: Meet the Businessman’s Girlfriend Lisa Sanchez

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An American businessman, media mogul, investor, software developer, and commercial astronaut, Jeffrey Preston Bezos (/bezos/ BAY-zohss né Jorgensen; born January 12, 1964) is the founder and CEO of, Inc.

Early Life

He started the company and has served as its executive chairman, president, and chief executive officer. Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index and Forbes both rank Bezos as the world’s richest person in 2022, with a combined net worth of about US$136 billion.

Bezos was also the richest person in the world from 2017 through 2021. Bezos attended Princeton University after growing up in Albuquerque, Houston, and Miami. He earned his degree there in 1986.

He studied both computer science and electrical engineering in college. From 1986 through early 1994, he was employed by a number of different Wall Street firms. While driving from New York to Seattle in late 1994, Bezos came up with the idea for Amazon.

The company has evolved from its original focus as an online bookstore to include a wider range of e-commerce services, including video and music streaming, cloud computing, and AI., Inc. is today the largest online retailer, Internet firm, and provider of virtual assistance and cloud infrastructure services thanks to its Amazon Web Services division.

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Jeff Bezos’s New Girlfriend

On Monday, Jeff Bezos and his girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez, were spotted in the streets of New York City. They then attended a prominent charity dinner.

Sanchez opted for a low-key getup, consisting of a white tank top, some loose pants, and white sneakers. Wearing a trucker jacket, blue jeans, and boots, Bezos was pictured.

Bezos later earned $8 million by auctioning off a seat on a Blue Origins rocket flight at the Robin Hood Benefit banquet that night. Jeff Bezos, 58, and Lauren Sanchez, 52, seemed quite in love as they strolled through New York City holding hands on Monday(9 May 2022).

jeff bezos new girlfriend

Sanchez opted for a minimalist ensemble: white sneakers, loose-fitting light-wash denim, a low-cut white tank top, a long silver necklace, and black sunglasses.

Bezos sported a pair of gold-framed aviator sunglasses, a beige trucker jacket over a black tee, dark wash jeans, and a pair of beige boots. The two were pictured checking into a hotel together before heading out to a glamorous charity event that evening.

By auctioning off a spot on his space-bound Blue Origin New Shephard rocket, Bezos was able to generate $8 million during the charity event.

Bezos looked dapper in a classic black suit and tie, and his black silk handkerchief hung casually from his breast pocket.

Sanchez donned a dress with a white top and a plunging neckline, and a grey skirt covered in silver stripes. Despite the fact that the Bezos Foundation contributed over $10 million by the end of the event, the value of the Amazon executive chairman has been progressively falling over the last weeks.

According to Fortune

Bezos lost $20 million in a matter of hours at the end of April, when an Amazon quarterly report indicated a net loss of $3.8 billion in the quarter ending on March 31, compared to a profit of $8.1 billion for the same period in the previous year.

In addition to Amazon‘s revenue growth slowing to its weakest pace since 2001, Bezos’ personal wealth also decreased, from a peak of $210 billion in 2022 to $148.4 billion in 2018, as measured by the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

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In response to Sanders, Amazon stated that the company had added 130,000 positions in 2017 and that the median income of $28,446 was “misleading” because it includes part-time employees.

Sanders rebutted this by pointing out that the corporations that would be affected by his proposal have increasingly turned to part-time employees in order to avoid paying benefits to them. Sanders was pleased by Jeff Bezos‘s October 2 announcement of a raise in pay for all employees.

An increase in the minimum wage for employees in the United States, from $10.10 to $15 per hour, was widely seen as a show of solidarity with the Fight for $15 movement.

It was revealed in February 2021 that Bezos would transition from CEO to Executive Chairman of the Amazon Board in the third quarter of 2021. Andy Jassy is taking over as CEO from him.

Bezos emailed all Amazon workers on February 2, 2021, explaining that the move will give him “the time and energy [he] need[s] to focus on the Day 1 Fund, the Bezos Earth Fund, Blue Origin, The Washington Post, and [his] other hobbies.”

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