Who Is Jon Hill Girlfriend? See His Private Relationship


American drummer and YouTube star Jon Hill is also the ex-husband of popular beauty guru Jacklyn Hill. He entered the world on the 22nd of August, 1988, in Houston, Texas.

Jon Hill has not discussed his formal education, but he has been interested in this field since he was young. After some time as a guitarist, he switched to drums around the age of 12.

The wealth of Jon Hill

From his drumming and the videos he posts on his YouTube channel, Jon Hill has amassed a net worth of between $1 million and $5 million. He’s also worked as an electrician and a bartender. He’s 32 years old at the present time.

Ashlyn Vanhorn, the New Girlfriend of Jon Hill

A new love interest has been found for Jon Hill, but it isn’t her. The lucky lady in his life goes by the name Ashlyn Vanhorn. We do not, however, have any details about when the beginning of their relationship was. In addition, we know nothing about Jon Hill’s relationship with his new girlfriend, Ashlyn Vanhorn.

We are aware that Jon’s ex-wife and his current girlfriend have not reconciled their differences and continue to post videos in which they insult and belittle each other. We promise to update you if we learn anything new about Jon Hill’s new girlfriend.

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Jon Hill Past Relationship

After a short marriage to Jaclyn Hill, Jon Hill decided to end his marriage. In the beginning, Jon was a married man. There was a marriage between Jon Hill and Jaclyn Hill. The couple had been together for quite some time. The date of their wedding was August 29, 2009, after they had finally made up their minds. They seemed to be very content with one another. Hill is also a well-known figure on the video-sharing platform. Therefore, she frequently included her husband in her videos.

In addition, Jon’s YouTube channel features a video of the couple’s wedding. The number of views on the video exceeded one million.

The two people appeared to be very content with one another. Unfortunately, they were unable to start a family of their own. Unfortunately, the relationship is over at this point. After May of 2018, the connection was severed. When they finally broke up, it had been nearly a decade since they’d first become involved.

The breakup of Jaclyn and Jaclyn Hill wasn’t without cause. However, Jon’s addiction issues were the primary factor in the couple’s decision to divorce. He broke his silence about the breakup in an interview, explaining the circumstances that led to his sadness.

In addition, the split between the two influential people was shrouded in controversy. Someone said they were having an affair. But it turned out that the rumors were an elaborate hoax and a publicity stunt.

Ashlyn Van Horn Gives Tribute To Jon hill

Following Jaclyn Hill’s announcement of the death of her husband, Jon Hill, Ashlyn Vanhorn took to Twitter to share her thoughts.

Jaclyn had shared the tragic news of Jon Hill’s passing on her Twitter and Instagram accounts after being asked to do so by Jon Hill’s family.

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Ashlyn Van Horn

After Jon Hill’s marriage to Jaclyn Hill ended, rumors say that he began dating Ashlyn Vanhorn. The Instagram and Twitter accounts of Ashlyn Vanhorn are both protected from public view. She made her YouTube debut with a “Get Ready With Me for 2019” video. She majored in surgical technology at Baptist Health College of Little Rock.

jon hill girlfriend

Fame came to this social media star thanks to her Instagram page, where she shares photos of her life and the occasional selfie with her 110,000 followers. Previously, she held positions at American Eagle and United Cellular. Comparable to Amanda Cerny and Carrington Durham, she became an Instagram and YouTube star.

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