Matt Roloff Girlfriend: Who Is Matt Roloff’s Girlfriend Caryn Chandler? More Info About Caryn

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An American television personality and author, Matthew James “Matt” Roloff (b. October 7, 1961) is best known for his role as a participant on the TLC reality show Little People, Big World. He is also a farmer and business entrepreneur. Their everyday lives were depicted on the show. One of Amy and Zachary Roloff’s four children has dwarfism, as does Roloff.

Matt Roloff Girlfriend

Matt Roloff expresses his gratitude to Caryn Chandler, his girlfriend of two years.
On Friday, the Little People, Big World star posted a picture of the couple with some of their friends on Instagram. In addition to a sweet nod to Chandler, Roloff’s caption for the post featured a clever pun.
By night, Roloff and his friends were “having fun in the cabin,” he wrote. “I rely on @carynchandler1 for inspiration. She has the ability to transform any structure I put together into a work of art that is alive with life and spirit. #livingourbestlife.”
The two met while working at Roloff Farms in 2017, and Chandler worked there before that.
That was the beginning of a more serious relationship between them both. Chandler and Roloff revealed they were moving in together on LPBW in August.

Roloff Said It Was “a Whole New Major Chapter in Life” for The Couple

Roloff said it was a “new major chapter in life” for the couple, and that they have “the best of all worlds happening.” Roloff joked that they won’t get married until 2022 when asked if they were engaged.
“We’re not going to do that. Not yet,” Chandler said as Roloff chimed in, “He hasn’t asked me, so we’re not,”

matt Roloff girlfriend

Amy Roloff was Roloff’s first wife from 1987 to 2016, when they divorced. Twins Jeremy and Zach, 31, are the parents of Molly, 28, Jacob, 24, and Molly’s younger sister Molly. “We have the best of all worlds happening,” the ex-spouses say. Roloff joked that they won’t get married until 2022 when asked if they were engaged.
“We’re not going to do that. No, he hasn’t,” Chandler said as Roloff added, “Yet. He hasn’t.”

He was previously married to Amy Roloff, who he wed in 1987 until their divorce in 2016. The ex-couple has three children: 31-year-old Jeremy and Zach, 28-year-old Molly, and 24-year-old Jacob.

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Who Is Caryn Chandler?

The age difference between Roloff and Chandler is only one year.
Arizona is where she was born, and the couple frequently visits the state as a vacation destination.
For the first time ever, the Roloff family revealed in 2018 that they had purchased a home in Arizona that was previously owned by Chandler’s parents.

Brittany and Connor are the names of her kids.
“I care about her time with her kids, and she cares about my time with my kids, and it’s one of the strengths of Caryn and [my] relationship,” Roloff has said of the couple’s relationship.”

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How Did the Two Meet?

Before starting a relationship, the couple worked together on the Roloff farm for many years.
According to Roloff, Chandler has been “instrumental” in running the farm’s pumpkin season for the past decade.

matt Roloff girlfriend

Roloff, on the other hand, confirmed in 2018 that Chandler had left the company.
Almost a year had passed since the two had first made their relationship public.

Caryn Chandler’s Birthday Is On.

Caryn Chandler was born on October 1st, making her a Libra by zodiac signs.

Who Was Caryn Chandler Married To?

Chandler and her ex, Joseph Chandler, frequently fought over her job at the farm during their divorce proceedings, and he even forbid her from bringing their fourteen-year-old son to the farm during their divorce proceedings.

Documents from an Oregon court show that his children are not allowed to appear on Little People, Big World.

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Caryn Chandler Has a Son. What Is the Name of The Child?

This is Connor Chandler, the son of Caryn and John Chandler. He was arrested for harassment in Oregon in January of 2020, but that wasn’t his first brush with the law. This man was arrested for theft and criminal mischief on two separate occasions in 2016. At the time of his arrest, he was said to be on a five-year probation sentence. Yikes.

A second child, Brittany, was born to Caryn and Zach Roloff, and it appears that she and Tori are very close. Brittany commented on Tori’s Instagram photo after Tori revealed that their daughter, Lilah, had dwarfism to show her support and admiration for her.

“Tori, you’re so sweet. When I grow up, I aspire to be even a sliver of the mother that u are “She put pen to paper. “Unadulterated honesty. And those kiddos make me so happy,” Brittany said. A better world exists because of people like them, and Britt will never stop making that point clear.

Dedicated to Roloff, Caryn Got a Tattoo.

On her ankle in 2017, Chandler was seen with an “R” tattooed over the word “really”. “R” stands for Roloff, isn’t it? The timing was suspicious, and she had been proudly showing off her tattoo.

There was no official confirmation from Chandler, but some of her fans called the tattoo “tacky” and slammed her for it.

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