Trevor Donovan Dating: Look Into Model Private Love Life!

Actor and model Trevor Donovan Neubauer (born October 11, 1980) is a household name in the United States. His breakout role as teen heartthrob Teddy Montgomery on the smash 90210 has brought him widespread fame.

Although his parents settled in Bishop, Donovan spent his formative years in Mammoth Lakes. Short appearances as Jeremy Horton on the NBC daytime drama Days of Our Lives can be found in 2007. In the 2009 science fiction film Surrogates, he played Tom Greer’s surrogate (Bruce Willis).

Who Is Trevor Donovan Dating

Trevor was known as Teddy Montgomery to viewers of the CW’s 90210 series. In the second season, we meet Teddy, a womanizer with commitment concerns. In later episodes, Teddy comes out as gay and faces the challenges of being an out-gay guy in a predominantly straight culture.

Having joined the cast in Season 3, Trevor remained a regular until the series’ final season in 2013.

Fans are curious as to whether or not Trevor’s real-life dating experience is as eventful as Teddy’s was, given Teddy’s history of heartbreak, confusion, and eventual acceptance.

Maybe you’ll be startled (or relieved) to learn that Trevor is now single. If the actor is in a relationship, it hasn’t been confirmed by any official sources. While it’s possible that the heartthrob is merely being coy about this aspect of his life, there’s not much to go on if you want to believe he’s dating anyone.

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He has dated a few different people before. Trevor dated Sonia Rockwell, an actress, from 2006 through 2009, according to Celebs Couples. The actress appeared on an episode of “90210” in 2009. However, after then, nothing else was ever revealed about his romantic life.

Although we don’t know much about Trevor’s personal life, he seems to be fully committed to his work as a contender on this season of Dancing With the Stars. You can see many examples of him and his dance partner Emma Slater, who goes by the mashup moniker “Team Tremma” on his Instagram feed.

We’d be fooled if we didn’t think that was the name of a future celebrity couple.

Donovan Was Associated with Killing Kerry Kennedy

Donovan has been linked to Kerry Kennedy, the daughter of Robert F. Kennedy, and Sarah Cuomo, the ex-wife of Andrew Cuomo. She’s 19 years older than he is. Supposedly, though, he referred to her as “besty” in conversations.

Both Trevor and Kerry are incredibly low-key and stealthy. However, they love one another very much. The Daily Mail was told by a member of Kennedy’s family that the two were “soul mates” who shared a love for “social justice,” “outdoor sports,” and “animals.”

The actor reportedly traveled with the Kennedy family on holidays and even visited the Kennedy Compound.

Michael Yanni, Donovan’s manager, formally introduced them. He “connected” with her at the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights, so says the Daily Mail. “Trevor and Kerry have been pals for a while. They’ve been going all over the world together,” a Kennedy family member told the Daily Mail in 2014.

According to the Daily Mail, Kennedy was detained in 2012 when she crashed into a truck while “under the influence of Ambien.” Eventually, the charges against her were dropped.

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Following the DUI crash, “Kerry called Trevor,” Yanni said. He said, “Trevor was encouraging; in all the times he’s spent with her, he’s never once witnessed her under the influence of alcohol or drugs.”

Donovan was cast as Teddy Montgomery, a recurring character on 90210, in June 2009. He made his debut on the show on September 8 of the same year.

The CW announced on May 20, 2010, that he had been promoted to series regular. Season 3 debuted on September 13, 2010, and it was later revealed that his character will be gay.

Donovan was said to have signed on for a role in Oliver Stone’s 2012 film Savages in July of that year. After watching the footage of Donovan’s screen test, Stone gave him a role that had been cut from the script. Donovan was able to secure a recurring part in the third season of Melissa & Joey, a situation comedy starring Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence, after 90210 finished.

Dancing with the Stars season 31 cast Donovan as a contestant on September 8, 2022. He is working with Emma Slater as a team.

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