Who Is Emma Chamberlain Dating? Why Did Fans Believe She Is Dating a Role Model?

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American internet sensation Emma Frances Chamberlain was born on May 22, 2001. She is well known for her YouTube videos. She was named the 2018 Streamy Award’s Breakout Creator. In 2019, Time magazine named her to its Time 100 Next list and list of the 25 most influential people online, stating that Chamberlain “pioneered a strategy to vlogging that shook up YouTube’s unofficial style guide.” Anything Goes, originally known as Stupid Genius, was her first weekly podcast series that she started in April 2019. At the 12th Shorty Awards, Chamberlain subsequently took home the trophy for “Best Podcaster.” She has also served as an ambassador for Louis Vuitton and Cartier since 2019 and 2022, respectively.

Who Is Emma Chamberlain dating?

Months after many began to believe that the YouTube celebrity and Role Model, real name Tucker Pillsbury, were more than just buddies, the two walked the red carpet together at the Vanity Fair Oscars party.

She told W Magazine in June 2019, “[I don’t share] really personal parts of my life that are continuously changing.” “For instance, I don’t like to get into too much information about very, very private areas of my relationships with my family or friends. I try not to demonstrate that too much. There is a line for me, and I prefer to keep things lighthearted and not take anything seriously.

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who is emma chamberlain dating

I don’t know if I would ever have a public relationship, ever,” Emma Chamberlain added at the time. And this has nothing to do with experience; it has to do with principles. I’m speaking from a place of what seems appropriate. The very worst thing that can happen is a breakup. Why would you want other people to experience heartbreak alongside you? That is something I find hard to imagine. In addition, I dislike viewing other people’s romantic connections. It’s tedious and unpleasant.

The vlogger had previously been romantically linked to Ethan Dolan and Aaron Hull, but she never discussed either relationship in the media. Fans were shocked when she and Role Model began exposing details about their private lives. Fans claimed to have witnessed Tucker kissing Emma during one of his gigs in September 2021.

Emma and Tucker are known for keeping their romance hidden, but at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in March 2022, they finally made it official. Additionally, they walked the red carpet together at the Vanity Fair Oscars celebration in March 2022. Things appear to be getting hotter!

How long have Tucker Pillsbury and Emma Chamberlain been a couple?

She did, however, acknowledge that her longest relationship had lasted a year and ten months in an interview for the Call Her Daddy podcast. She said, “I will not say,” when the host inquired if it was her current relationship.

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Emma Chamberlain speaks candidly about her ex-boyfriend

Emma talked openly about a previous relationship and her sexuality during a recent episode of Call Her Daddy. She acknowledged, “I was a late bloomer and wasn’t a particularly feminine girl, so I grappled with my sexual identity as a child. I’ve never been a particularly stereotypically feminine woman. I’m a heterosexual woman, though. But as I was growing up, I often received flack for that, with people saying things like “that’s not true.”

“I don’t want to complain about people questioning my sexuality because I know it can be so much worse and convoluted, and sexuality is such a difficult, sensitive, and emotional topic… “However, I recall one of my ex-buddies boyfriends saying, “Dude, she doesn’t really like you,” at the time. She seems to enjoy girls, in my opinion. Then he came to me and said that, and I was like, “Why the f—k would you say that? Why are you making assumptions? Because that’s not true.

“Even if it were true, so be it. Why are people speculating?” She continued by saying that her ex-friend’s boyfriend made that judgment since she frequently wore sweatpants and didn’t use makeup.

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