Who Is Kathryn Dennis Dating 2022: Meet New Kathryn Dennis’s Boyfriend and Past Dating Details

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The redheaded spitfire Kathryn Dennis was a 21-year-old college student when viewers first encountered her on the premiere episode of Southern Charm in 2014. She ended up bonding with Thomas Ravenel, who was a cast member on the show at the time.
The on-and-off romance between Thomas and Kathryn over the following few seasons was a major source of conflict in the Bravo series. Before they formally split up, the couple had two children together: Kensington “Kensie” Calhoun and St. Julien Rembert Ravenel.
Since their breakup, Kathryn has also moved on, and Thomas has become a third-time father to a boy called Jonathan Jackson (whom he shares with his ex-girlfriend, Heather Mascot).
In Season 7 of Southern Charm, the University of South Carolina alum first introduced Chleb Ravenell to viewers (who is not related to Thomas and whose last name is spelled differently).
Season 8 has made Chleb a regular cast member, however, their relationship status has changed. Find out if the on-screen couple is still together by reading on.

Kathryn Dennis from Southern Charm: Who Is She?

On August 6, 1991, Kathryn Dennis was born in Charleston, South Carolina.
Since the first season of the show, the 30-year-old Southern Charm star has been a part of it.
The first episode of the series aired in 2014, and the eighth season will premiere in 2022.

Who Does She Date?

Dennis has moved on and fallen in love with someone else since her breakup with Ravenel.
According to the star’s Bravo bio, Dennis dated Chleb Ravenell for more than a year.
The couple moves in together before things go south in season eight of the show.

who is kathryn dennis dating 2022

Everything between the couple was going perfectly until they moved in together and the honeymoon phase vanished, according to Bravo.
US Weekly announced their separation in November 2021.
Dennis currently seems to be unmarried and enjoying some alone time.

The Best Way to Watch Southern Charm?

Southern Charm‘s eighth season debuted on June 23, 2022, on Bravo.
Every Thursday at 9 p.m., viewers may watch brand-new episodes.

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Kathryn Dennis Is Now Dating?

According to reports, Kathryn Dennis of “Southern Charm” and her partner Chleb Ravenell has broken up. A source told Us Weekly on Thursday that “she dumped him and they aren’t living together anymore.” “They have no bad sentiments towards one another.” The source claims that Ravenell, 32, is opposed to Dennis’ plans for marriage and additional children, who are 30.

Saint is 6 years old, and Dennis and his ex-boyfriend Thomas Ravenel have a 7-year-old daughter named Kensie. Chleb and Thomas are not connected, despite what co-star Craig Conover stated earlier this year, who claimed that Thomas’ family formerly owned Caleb as slaves, which is why their names are similar.

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Kathryn Dennis’s New Partner

After her most recent breakup, she is currently single. The 32-year-old creative director and the mother of two became together last summer, and in October they made their Instagram romance public. Dennis shares a 7-year-old daughter named Kensington Calhoun and a 5-year-old child named Saint Julien with her ex-husband Thomas Ravenel.

who is kathryn dennis dating 2022

After their protracted custody battle was finally resolved in late February, the 58-year-old former Bravo star temporarily regained primary custody of their two kids. Earlier in February, Dennis told PEOPLE that she and Ravenell are “building a life together.” Dennis continued, “We’ve certainly grown up in the last year, and it’s very much an adult bond between us. Because I genuinely think I have a partner, she exclaims, “I’m simply so delighted.”

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Are Chleb and Kathryn Still a Couple?

Despite being in a relationship and sharing a home when Season 8 of Southern Charm premieres, Chleb and Kathryn have since broken up. The reality stars dated for over a year before a source told Us Weekly in November 2021 that they had broken up.

The source informed the newspaper that “she split up with him and they are no longer living together.” “They don’t have any bad blood,” they say.

The two split up because, according to the source, they had various future expectations. Chleb evidently wasn’t ready for a “serious commitment,” while Kathryn, a mother of two, wanted to get married and have more kids.
“Her future marriage would have to be this fantastic stepfather to her children and be someone who would make a significant commitment to her,” the insider continued. “And [Chleb] just wasn’t that.” “Even her friends saw they weren’t meant to be together. She is surrounded by a lot of love, including love for her young children.”

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