Who Is Mads Lewis Dating? Is She Dating Anyone After Her Breakup with Christian Plourde?

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An American Tik-Toker, YouTuber, and content creator named Mads Lewis. Mads Lewis has an estimated $2 million in wealth as of 2022. By accepting sponsorships and working with brands on her social media platforms, she increased her net worth. She’s well-known on social media and is skilled at lip-syncing in TikTok videos. She made her online debut with the wildly successful “chicken girls” web series.

She then went on to play a few other smaller roles in shows like “Solve,” “Alexander IRL,” and “Intern in Chief.” On the applications Musical.ly and TikTok, she began to post-dance and lip-sync videos, which helped her gain enormous renown. She’s one of TikTok’s most well-liked and in-demand females.

Mads Lewis’s romantic interest?

Early in 2022, she ended her marriage to Christian Plourde. Less than a month after Mads gave her perspective on her breakup from Jaden Hossler in the spring of 2021 during an appearance on the Call Her Daddy show, Mads updated her profile with a flirtatious TikTok video with fellow creator Christian Plourde.

However, the two originally denied that they were a couple in a video that Christian also posted on his own page with Mads. Mads revealed that Christian was not her boyfriend to The Hollywood Fix in May 2021.

who is mads lewis dating

I don’t have a new boyfriend, she admitted. Then, Mads criticised Jaden for his relationship with Nessa in a mild manner. Mads said that she and Christian were “only friends” before saying, “No, I feel that moving on so quickly is just horrible.

In the summer of 2021, the native Arizonan went on to formally declare her romance with Christian. Before breaking up early in 2022, the couple dated for several months.

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Josh Richards and Mads Lewis, are they dating?

Soon after she split up with Christian, rumours that the TikTok star was dating Josh Richards started to circulate among followers. Before they split up from Jaden and Nessa, the two were friends, and they reestablished their friendship in the spring of 2022 when they began sharing videos on each other’s TikTok streams.

But David Portnoy was reassured by Mads and Josh that they were also just pals when they appeared on the BFFs podcast in March. When asked why the two had resumed their previous content collaborations, Mads replied, “Well, I mean, we were friends previously, and we did TikToks before.”

Following her break-up with Jaden, Mads said that her friendship with Josh had been on shaky ground, but that they had now made up.

Josh and Mads have continued to share videos together, which has increased rumours about them being more than just friends, but they continue to maintain this position. Mads has kept private the fact that she is now dating someone specific.

About J. Kenneth Richards

A social media influencer, actor, producer, host, and businessman from Canada is named Joshua Kenneth Richards. He works as Triller’s chief strategy officer and has a following on several social media sites.

On YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram, he has a following of 7.3 million, 25.6 million, and 2.4 million each. Sports, dancing, lip-syncing, humour, and video skits are frequently featured in his posts. Brother’s Keeper and Summertime Dropouts are two movies in which he appeared as an actor. Richards dropped “Still Softish,” a diss song featuring Bryce Hall, in March 2020 as a response to Lil Huddy.

Co-founding with others TalentX Entertainment, Richards is. In July 2020, Richards became the first artist to join TalentX after afterwards signing a recording deal with Warner Records.

As a financier, he contributed to the creation of a $15 million venture capital fund. Along with being the chief strategy officer at Triller, Richards is also a co-founder of the energy drink Ani Energy.

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The career of Mads Lewis

As a TikTok content maker, Mads Lewis began her professional life. For her own amusement, she used to post videos on TikTok. Following the launch of her own YouTube channel under the name Mads Lewis, she began receiving a lot of fan traffic.

who is mads lewis dating

As a young adolescent, she subscribed to this channel. The fact that she took her profession in TikTok so seriously so soon after becoming incredibly popular, however, is a really shocking development. Over a million people became Madison fans within a short period of popularity. This girl had 5.5+ million followers on her official account as of January 2020, and she had 310+ million hearts.

Her YouTube channel currently has more than 500 000 subscribers. “Couples challenge” is her debut YouTube video, which has received 225,522 views since it was posted on July 16, 2015.

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