Who Is Mike from 90 Day Fiancé Dating? Everything You Need to Know About Mike & His Supposed New Girlfriend

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Since Natalie Mordovtseve broke up with him, Mike Youngquist hasn’t been seeing anyone else. His images with Marcia Alves have been leaked to 90 Day Fiancé enthusiasts.

Marcia “Brazil” Alves has been linked to 90 Day Fiancé actor Mike Youngquist, despite his claims that he has not been dating since Natalie Mordovtseva broke up with him. Since filming 90 Day: The Single Life, former actress Natalie has been living in Florida, six months after she married Mike. Despite the fact that Natalie has been seeing other men, she doesn’t want to end her marriage to Mike because of a recent revelation.

Mike admitted that he never submitted the necessary paperwork for Natalie’s green card, and as a result, she may be deported. When Natalie and Marcia were feuding over Mike on Instagram in October 2021, Mike took advantage of the situation to show that he wasn’t lonely.

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 Mike and Natalie are dating during the 90 Day

In the Single Life Tell-All, Mike Youngquist confessed that he moved to Seattle whereas Natalie had always wanted to get out of Sequim and “the wood.” When asked if he’s dating someone, Mike’s reaction was that he’s trying to concentrate on “other things” in life, such as employment. Natalie stated that she found out about Mike dating “someone” and people like Debbie Johnson and Tania Maduro spoke of their being images on the internet of Mike with his putative new girlfriend.

In any case, Mike said that she was simply a friend that he “hung out and stuff” because he’s not “ready to date.” Big Ed Brown, on the other hand, quipped that Mike is so “low key” that it’s impossible to tell what he’s thinking.

who is mike from 90 day fiancé dating

Marcia’s Instagram images of Mike that she had previously shared have been turned private. When Natalie’s ex-husband published a selfie of the two of them together at the Hilton Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa, it fuelled allegations that the 37-year-old Marcia was dating him. Marcia captioned the photo, “Shenanigans in Vegas [hands up emoji]” and used the hashtags “#SweetHeart” and “#AmazingDude” to refer to the September 2021 post. Fans of Rock of Love with Bret Michaels and 90 Day Fiancé expressed excitement in the comments section of the show’s Facebook page. After Marcia vomited up and kissed Bret on the lips in 2009, the latter said, “This is the finest Dorito I’ve ever eaten.”

Marcia continued to share images of herself with Mike on social media not long after

While they were posing in the water, Marcia’s son was also featured. On Instagram, Marcia posted a picture of herself and Mike with the hashtags “#SweetestGuy #BigHeart #GreatTimes” and “#SundayFunday.” Natalie, on the other hand, wasn’t a fan of Mike and Marcia spending time together in the pool.

who is mike from 90 day fiancé dating

She asked her followers on Instagram stories, “Who else is having the worst day of the year?” in an Instagram story. “He is on vacation with his new catch,” Natalie Mordresponded when someone advised her to “contact Mike.” Now that she had “freed me up,” Natalie said, “I’m ready to listen to any compliments.” As an alternative, she said, “I don’t care what anyone thinks now!”

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Marcia cast shade at Natalie after learning about her bitter Instagram updates

“Give the person you love honesty, respect, trust, and passion or be prepared to watch on the sidelines as someone else does it,” Marcia’s shady caption for a selfie she’d shot with a skeleton prop said. According to Marcia, she let the hashtags speak for her when she said on Instagram, “# rumors, #youknowwhoyouare #90dayfiancé. Marcia’s profile has been set to private for the time being. There’s a 90 Day Fiancé spin-off in the works, as well as a new season of 90 Day: The Single Life.

who is mike from 90 day fiancé dating

Marcia’s reality TV experience suggests that she may find herself in the middle of Mike and Natalie’s conflict. If fans had expected Natalie to return to Ukraine without any documentation, she is still in Florida and has not yet divorced Mike.

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