What Made Gungi Survive Order 66?


How did Gungi make it through Order 66? initially featured on Ready Steady Cut.

We examine the Trandoshans’ use of Imperial tanks and how Gungi survived Order 66.

Cloneforce 99 returns to the well-known planet of Kashyyyk in The Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 6, where they encounter Gungi, one of the younglings first seen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 5.

In a fun episode that illustrates how the Force can be felt and portrayed in various ways, Dave Filonia and the writers are able to balance his return with beats taken from an unfinished arc of The Clone Wars.

How Did Gungi Survive Order 66?

Did Gungi Survive Order 66, and What Happened to Him?

The episode leaves viewers wondering how Gungi manages to survive the terrible Order 66. We don’t know anything more than the fact that he has a reasonable fear of the Bad Batch, which is motivated by a fear of clones. His survival is also left unanswered in The Clone Wars, but there are certain hints that can be extrapolated. The episode doesn’t address Hunter’s query on how the Trandoshans acquired Imperial tanks, but there is a plausible explanation.

The Jedi youngling Gungi is reintroduced to viewers in The Bad BatchSeason 2 Episode 6. He was one of five young children who also went by the names Petro, Katooni, Byph, Ganodi, and Zatt. Viewers witnessed them build lightsabers and be abducted by the pirate Hondo.

After this arc, the younglings were not mentioned again, and it is unclear what became of them. They most certainly perished during Order 66, although as they are of the same race, there is a hypothesis that Katooni survived and became an Imperial Inquisitor known as the Fourth Sister. Of again, it is conceivable that they have persevered, like the Gungi, and are attempting to live under Imperial rule.

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Who Is Buying Gungi in The Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 6?

The Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 6 Review: Saving the Wookie

The only youngling that we can be certain survived Order 66 is Gungi, though it is unclear how. The Jedi Temple, where Anakin and the 501st massacred the younglings and any other Jedi they discovered, would be the most plausible place for him to be during Order 66 as a young Jedi. From there, he might have entered the Coruscant underground to look for a spacecraft, but instead he was taken prisoner by one of the various criminal gangs, like the Droid Gotra. Gungi may have been anywhere at the time Order 66 was activated, thus this is merely conjecture.

  • The first is that the Empire wants to purchase Gungi, as Vanguard Axis do know he is a Jedi (their leader has his lightsaber) and that the Empire would want to interrogate him about the possible location of the other younglings and other Jedi. They might then press Gungi into slavery. While the Empire could simply take Gungi by force, they did deal with some criminal syndicates, notably the Hutts.
  • Another likely candidate could be Trandoshans. They have a deep hatred for Wookiees and often hunt them and other aliens for sport. This can be seen at the end of Star Wars: The Clone Wars season three. It’s possible they were buying him to use for sport and didn’t know he was a Jedi.

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Why Are the Trandoshans Using Imperial Tanks?

7 Things You Might Not Know About Trandoshans | StarWars.com

The criminal organization’s boss, Vanguard Axis, declares in the episode that he doesn’t want to harm Gungi but rather wants to keep him alive for his customer. However, the episode ends abruptly without revealing who the buyer is. There are two likely candidates, yet it might be anyone.

When the Bad Batch try to take Gungi to the village on Kashyyyk that was burned, they discover halfway through episode 6 that Trandoshans are burning the neighbouring forest. Hunter is perplexed when he finds they are employing Imperial tanks.

The Separatist Armored Assault Tanks (AAT) with the Imperial logo are visible when we see the Trandoshans operating them. These tanks appear to be damaged, and the main cannon has been changed to a flamethrower. These tanks must have been looted by the Empire from previous battles, like Kashyyyk, and delivered to the Trandoshans as war booty. In the end, it spares the Empire from having to supply the Trandoshans with new tools and devoting time to training them in using them.

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