Why does Cody go missing in Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 3?

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Why does Cody go AWOL in Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 3? initially featured on Ready, Steady Cut.

There are spoilers in this analysis of Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 3, “The Solitary Clone.”

The Solitary Clone is a sombre reminder that the price of the Galactic Empire’s reign is blood, and that one’s morals has to be given at the Emperor’s feet to survive in it. It is much darker than The Bad Batch usually tends to be. It is presented in the perspective of the eponymous crosshair. Tothrivein demands wholly other qualities, which Crosshair may have demonstrated he had throughout this half-hour or may have come to know he lacks.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

This week, Clone Force 99 are nowhere to be found. Vice Admiral Rampart interrupts Crosshair’s supper in the middle of the episode as he is alone in his berth and dining there. He stands out from the others and always has. He is disliked by the other clones because of his genetic mutations and his past association with the Bad Batch, which he left in order to work for the Empire. His only remaining ally at this point is his own ambition.

On the former Separatist planet of Desix, where Tawni Ames, the commander, has taken the Imperial Governor, Grrotton, captive in an effort to coerce her into buckling the knee, Rampart needs Crosshair. She is not afraid to use her army of reprogrammed Battle Droids that were left over from the Clone Wars. Rampart wants Crosshair, working under the direction of Cody, to make sure Desix doesn’t achieve her goal of independence.

The Defense Recruitment Bill is being discussed among the Clones, and Cody informs Crosshair that many of the regs have been doubting Imperial rule since Order 66. Many people are disappearing without trace. They are considered traitors by Crosshair. Although one may infer that Cody feels differently, he doesn’t reveal anything about it and continues to perform his duties for the time being.

The squad sneaks onto Desix pretending to be a diplomatic representative, but Tawni, who once cited Count Dookus as saying that the Republic would someday be replaced by something far worse, sees through the pretence, and the droids attack the ship. After surviving, Cody, Crosshair, and a few grunts start to move through the building where Tawni is holding Grotton. The Solitary Clone contains a sizable portion of brilliantly animated action scenes.

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As is customary, there is no banter in this situation. Although Cody and Crosshair have a casual familiarity that is largely based on their competence, they don’t actually joke around or engage in slapstick as often as Clone Force 99 do. I believe that the episode loses something in that area, but it makes up for it with a more sombre portrayal of what imperial control entails. The same message—a reminder that a whole galaxy doesn’t magically overnight bow to totalitarianism—was being promoted by Andor. It must first be beaten and broken.

When Crosshair and Cody arrive at Tawni’s location at the very top of the tower, she is holding Grotton at blaster-point. Only by promising her a peaceful outcome can Cody calm her down; however, as soon as Grotton is free, he gives him the order to shoot her. Although Crosshair does, he won’t. So much for tranquilly, laments Tawni, saddened by the realisation that there is no hope for her or Desi beyond death. Grotton orders her body to be exhibited in the town square as a message. Grotton is one of those dreadful front-office functionaries who loves the authority but isn’t made out for the action.

Cody asks whether this is actually improving the galaxy, and he does so correctly. As usual, Crosshair hides behind his sense of obligation. If he is simply following orders, as a good soldier should, then the people providing the commands, not the people carrying them out, must bear the responsibility. However, Cody is wiser. He reminds Crosshair that the ability to make free decisions and having to deal with the consequences is what distinguishes clones from droids.

Cody seemed to be unable to deal with his or unable to confront what the next one would entail. Rampart informs Crosshair that Cody has gone missing when giving him his next assignment.

Disney+ is the only place to see “The Solitary Clone,” the third episode of Season 2 of Star Wars: The Bad Batch.

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