Hayley Paige Divorce: Separation from Husband Announced by Tlc’s Bridal Designer

Record producer and musician Paige Haley was born in the United States on May 10, 1966.

As Brad Armstrong, you spent your early years in Alameda, California. Jay Gordon, a fellow band member of Orgy, is a close buddy of his. Before joining Orgy, he used to work as a house painter and perform with nearby bands. After completing his “Diploma in Sound Engineering,” he established Splizaz Music.

The union of Danny Wallis and Hayley Paige

On July 11, 2015, in a charming ceremony at Lake Tahoe, Hayley Paige, the talented designer from TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress, wed Danny Wallis after a brief three-month romance. On the weekend of the wedding, she wowed in five of her own designer fantasy dresses.

The spouse of Hayley Paige, who owns a bridal design company, relocated to California from New York. She raved about the enormous adjustment he made by establishing his firm in a new place to be close to her.

hayley paige divorce

They hadn’t yet stabbed each other with wedding silverware, she made fun of them on their first wedding anniversary. “Being best friends, giving that emotional support, and laughing with one other,” according to Paige, were some of the smaller goals they had set for themselves after getting married. However, the happiness of their wedding was fleeting.

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Hayley Paige declares her separation from Danny Wallis

Announcing their separation on social media on the eve of their third wedding anniversary, Hayley Paige and her husband. Paige explains in her touching and upbeat statement that she made the “tough but essential decision to remove me from a relationship that wasn’t appropriate for me, specifically my marriage.” She is positive about the future and is still a “champion for love, marriage, and real-life fairytales.

Fans and followers have showered Paige with love and encouragement. Many people have spoken about the end of their marriages and the subsequent happiness they experienced. While this has been going on, several people have expressed their thankfulness for getting to wear one of Paige’s gowns to their own wedding.

Hayley Paige perseveres and maintains her strength and upbeat attitude on life and love. For every woman’s ideal wedding, she won’t stop making the most unique outfit possible.

Hayley Ever After needs TLC approval before getting a second season. Let’s hope she does discover her enduring fairy tale.

What does Hayley Paige do now?

In August 2022, Hayley Paige Gutman intends to debut her new clothing line. In recent months, Gutman has been updating her Instagram followers on her ongoing legal dispute with JLM Couture under the handle @allthatglittersonthegram. On that platform, she made the announcement.

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Regarding the social media profiles connected to the brand and the trademark for the name Hayley Paige, there is a legal dispute between the business and the bridal designer. On Monday, Gutman released a video in which she explained a recent decision in which the court denied her request to lift the preliminary injunction against her, which forbids her from engaging in business outside of her employment with JLM Couture.

hayley paige divorce

It forbids Gutman from making use of any @misshayleypaige social media profiles or Hayley Paige trademarks; JLM was granted the interim injunction on March 5. The decision from June 2 made it clear that Gutman will be permitted to start a new company with a different name as of August 2022, when her job with JLM comes to an end.

In August 2022, I will be permitted to return to the bridal market and begin designing once more under a different brand name, the judge specifically stated in her judgment, Gutman told her fans. Having a date to focus on is a huge relief. While preparing for her new future, Gutman also disclosed to Insider that she is holding on to the Hayley Paige name.

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