Jennifer Aydin Divorce: RHONJ Star Was Scared that Therapy Would Prompt Her to Want a Divorce

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American television personality Jennifer Aydin is best known for her role in Season 11 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, which debuted on February 17 at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

She is a driven mother of five who is prepared for the next phase. Aydin always desired independence while growing up in her parents’ jewelry company on Long Island. Aydin is occupied taking care of everything else while Bill is working hard at being a successful plastic surgeon. Aydin is from a traditional Turkish household and constantly prioritizes her family. She is now prepared to demonstrate to the world what it’s like to laugh aloud. Aydin is always prepared to defend anyone, especially herself, whether it’s her children or her family.

She attended Hofstra University, where she graduated with a business degree in 2000. Aydin briefly launched her own jewelry shop after graduating, but she soon abandoned it after becoming engaged to Dr. Bill Aydin in 2001.

Jennifer Aydin Divorce

In The Real Housewives of New Jersey episode from March 29, Jennifer Aydin considered her choices for divorcing her husband. She claimed she wasn’t prepared to decide, but she added that she would accept half of his worth.

“Do you suppose we’ll live another 19 years?” Because right now, if anything occurs, bitch, I get half! Cheers to that, baby. Well, maybe not for you. But I’ll toast that with a drink! While out with Bill, Jennifer made jokes.

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Margaret was informed by Jennifer that she and Bill hadn’t actually discussed his affair

In the RHONJ episode airing on March 22, Jennifer and Margaret had a coffee date in an effort to patch things up. Jennifer, who has spent a decade trying to hide the affair from her children, expresses how devastated she is by what Margaret did. Margaret adds she “can’t imagine” what it was like for Jennifer to keep the affair hidden and go through all of that alone as she leans across and touches Jennifer’s hand. If Margaret had known Jennifer never revealed the affair to anybody, she swears she would have kept quiet about it.

jennifer aydin divorce

Then, Jennifer Aydin says that although she attempted to ignore the affair for a very long time, she hasn’t been able to move on because of it. She continues by saying that they haven’t even truly spoken about it. Because I feel so horrible, Jennifer adds, “I don’t even feel comfortable talking to him about it. “That is absurd, isn’t it? I feel horrible because I was cool for ten years and now I suddenly want to talk about it.”

Jennifer claims she wants to see a therapist but fears doing so would result in a divorce

“What if we go to therapy and we find that I don’t want to accept [the affair]?” I ponder. She enquires. “What if it only makes us realize that we shouldn’t be together? I worry about that. I’m not sure if I can get through it.”

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Jennifer Aydin’s estimated net worth

Since Season 9, Jennifer Aydin has been providing entertainment for RHONJ viewers. She has a stated net worth of $11 million, making her the second wealthiest housewife on the show. After she wed Bill Aydin, she amassed the majority of her wealth.

The housewife launched her own culinary show on YouTube and has also made an appearance in New Money, despite owning her family’s lucrative jewelry business.

The pair apparently didn’t have a lot of money when she got married because Bill was completing his residency at the time. Bill currently has his own business at the Aydin Center for Plastic Surgery, and the couple’s total net worth exceeds $11 million. Aydin’s rumored salary is $100,000, and they reside in a lavish property worth $3 million.

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