$250 To $500 One-Time Excess Payment Will Be Received By Americans From $1 Billion Pool In Days


Millions Of Americans Could Receive Up To $500 Tax Refund In May If They Are Entitled To Receive Based On The Qualifications Set By Georgia Department Of Revenue.


$250 To $500 One-Time Excess Payment Will Be Received By Americans From $1 Billion Pool In Days (Photo: efile.com)

Tax to be Disbursed to Qualified Americans

Starting May, one-time tax rebates will be distributed to qualified Americans if they meet all the requirements set by the revenue. This rebate PAY DAY is called ‘HB 162’, which came from the state’s 2022 $6.6billion excess budget.

An individual who filed their Income Tax Returns in 2021 and 2022, had a debt in 2021, and a resident or transient in Georgia for a year will be entitled to get a refund.

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Amount Given to Various Sector

The amount that will be received will depend on the debt and status of filing:

  • For single/married who filed separately, will receive amounting to $250.
  • For the Head of the Household, $375.
  • Joint filing for married couples, $500.

These amounts will be affected if you have paid less, failed to pay previous taxes and failed to pay child support.

The Georgians can check their application status via the DOR ‘Check Your Surplus Tax Refund’ starting May which is available 24/7, and its updated overnight.

This has been the similar situation for several parts of the states, deciding on what to do with the tax overpayments.

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