Coming Soon: New Disaster Relief Program

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The New Disaster Relief Program That Has Been Promulgated Was For The Farmers Who Lost Their Crops And Livestock Due To Natural Disasters Last Year. It Will Be Divided Into Two, Pre Filled Application And Disbursement.


disaster relief
Coming Soon: New Disaster Relief Program (Photo: Lions Clubs International)


2022 Disaster Relief Program

The New disaster relief program will be divided into two parts, the pre-filled application wherein they will send application form to farmers with insurance. Those who have no insurance will have to provide copy of the taxes they pay for acquiring the farms. Second is reimbursement, 20% will be the initial payment to farmers and a supplemental feed from last year.

Congress has issued $3.7 billion; USDA encouraged the farmer to file their application at the local Farm Service Agency office to qualify and double their time to check before another round of programs becomes available.


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