New Commission Could Check Social Security And Medicare Cuts: McCarthy

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House Speaker Kevin McCarthy Launches A Commission That Will Check Social Security And Medicare Cuts. He Said That These Mandatory Cuts Were Off The Table, Vowing To Make It Spending Mandatory.


New Commission Could Check Social Security And Medicare Cuts: McCarthy (Photo: AARP)


Commission to Check Budget Cuts.

President Biden said in February that he wanted to cut programs that they are paying their whole lives, some Republicans want Social security and Medicare to close every five years. If congress doesn’t vote that means it will be gone for good and if Social Security and Medicare will not be cut there is a possibility of debt default in the future.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, has put in motion a commission that will take care of checking the budget cuts, including the Social Security and Medicare. He withdrew his vow a few months that such cut will make to mandatory spending program.  As President Biden comment gained ‘boos’ and disapproval, even Republicans promised to never make such cuts.


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McCarthy said he was taking off social security and Medicare from debt negotiation while he made his commission to look for other cuts. Where the majority driver of the budget is mandatory spending, all Medicare, social security and interest debt. McCarthy said in FOX News that 11 percent of the budget comes from the spending program, wherein more tax more budget.


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