A Girl and An Astronaut Season 1 Ending Explained – Why Didn’t Niko Age in Space?

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The postHow the First Season of A Girl and an Astronaut Ended Why did Niko not get older in space? initially featured on Ready Steady Cut.

Major A Girl and an Astronaut Season 1 Episode 6 spoilers are included in this article, along with a discussion of the show’s conclusion.

The Polish Netflix original series A Girl and an Astronaut is a dull love triangle with a sci-fi conspiracy as its backdrop—an impressive attempt to make an intriguing subject as unengaging as possible. The programme, which sacrifices all of its most intriguing aspects in favour of a stale love narrative, is also unnecessarily complicated by a parallel chronology device that divides the action between 2022 and 2052.

We’re here to break down the action, if you want to call it that, and provide answers to some of the most important questions the story raises because of the meaningless complexity of the show. We might even be able to save you the effort of watching it.

A Girl and an Astronaut Season 1 Ending Explained

This is a general concept: We concentrate on Marta, Nikola, and Bogdan, the three main protagonists in both timelines. The latter two, two very competitive high-flying Polish fighter pilots, soon find themselves vying for Marta’s love and a spot on a Russian company called SkyCom’s space mission. Niko is finally selected for the expedition, but something goes wrong and it is reported that he has passed away. But thirty years later, he suddenly returns to earth, seemingly unchanged, upsetting Marta and Bogdan’s marriage and raising some uncomfortable questions regarding his long-ago departure.

Marta had decided to be with Niko before he left, but after he failed to return home as he had promised, she became closer to Bogdan. It’s possible that he told her that Niko had allegedly died in an explosion in order to win her for himself or to save her the agony of never knowing his fate.

Why Didn T Niko Age in Space?

Numerous other aspects of the expedition were also kept under wraps, but we learn more about them as the season goes on.

Niko was in a condition of sub-hibernation, kept asleep with the help of cryogenics, thus he didn’t age while in space. The operation was first promoted as a test for new stealth systems, but this was its true objective. The plan was actually created by SkyCom CEO Sergei Pudovkin and a seasoned engineer by the name of Andrey Davidov as a way to create curative stem cells under difficult circumstances. For Davidov, it was personal since he wanted to use the stem cells extracted during Niko’s sub-hibernation to cure his daughter of her developing ALS. For Pudovkin, it was a money-maker because treatments that needed the patient to be taken to space would be astronomically expensive.

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Who Does Marta End up With?

A Girl And An Astronaut' Episode 1: Recap And Ending, Explained: How Did  Marta Meet Niko And Bogdan? | Film Fugitives

As Davidov’s investigation following Niko’s disappearance reveals that the experiment was a failure and that Niko has no genuine scientific utility, Pudovkin’s desire to profit from his miraculous reappearance eventually results in the intervention of the Russian FSB. This puts Niko in even greater danger. The Russian government tries to murder Niko, but he manages to escape and find Marta.

Marta must make the same choice she did in 2022 again in 2052, but she chooses differently this time. In the end, Marta doesn’t get either Niko or Bogdan.

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This is one of the show’s most ridiculous narrative choices, completely contradicting everything that came before. Nonetheless, here we are. Bogdan has a heart condition, so she knows she can’t stay with him. Nevertheless, she also seems unwilling to change her life to be with Niko again, despite the fact that he managed to survive both the SkyCom mission and attempts on his life by the FSB. Thus, she simply chooses to be by herself. Nadia helps Niko survive, but Marta and him do not end up together. Similar to Bogdan, who assists in ensuring Niko’s safety but loses his wife.

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