A Sunday Affair Ending Explained – Who Does Sunday Choose?


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This discussion will contain spoilers for the 2023 Netflix movie A Sunday Affair.

Two best friends in the movie A Sunday Affair, Toyin (Dakore Akande) and Uche (Nse Ikpe-Etim), end up falling in love with the same man (Sunday). He is an extremely attractive suitable bachelor with flaws. A love triangle senses with the women unknowing that they are dating the same man, as per the summary on IMDB.

Uche initially meets Sunday, but he feels that she isn’t the kind of person who should be in a serious relationship and is more of a sidekick. He’s married already, and after spending the day with Uche, he runs into Toyin on the train. As a result, Sunday is now married and pursuing two women. The two childhood best friends are overjoyed with their new connection, but they keep the identity of the man to themselves so as not to jeopardize it.

Because of Sunday’s choices and what transpires in the lives of the women, the plot grows more complicated as it progresses. As they approach closer to Sunday on their terms, the women form a group but are forced to keep telling each other lies.

A Sunday Affair Ending Explained

How Does Uche Find out About Sunday and Toyin?

Toyin rushes to Uche to inform her of her cancer diagnosis. Uche also wants to tell Toyin about Sunday because he finally confessed his love to her on that day. However, when Uche finds out about cancer, she also finds out that Sunday cares for Toyin. Uche chooses not to inform Toyin that she spent some time with Sunday since she felt that her best friend needed her more than she needed a man.

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Who Does Sunday Choose?

After a time of back and forth, Sunday decides to keep both of them at his side. He initially assures Uche that he loves her and will choose her, but Toyin then reveals that she has stage three cervical cancer and makes a commitment to staying with her. In addition, after one final encounter with Uche behind Toyin’s back, Uche becomes pregnant with his child. He continues to stand at Toyin’s side after that, and Uche moves away from both of them. To maintain that barrier, she only pays a visit to Toyin when Sunday is away.

What Happens to Toyin?

Toyin had to stop the treatment after nine months of pregnancy because otherwise her child wouldn’t grow. She therefore decided to spare her child’s life rather than give herself a chance because she wanted the child. Sadly, she passed away just before her due date, and her kid was born to Uche and Sunday. It has one of the saddest resolutions since Toyin temporarily achieved what she desired while her closest friend continued to live her life with the same man.

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