All the Places Ending Explained – Do Fer and Gabo stay together?

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How do Fer and Gabo end up together in All the Places Ending? initially featured on Ready Steady Cut.

This discussion will contain spoilers for the 2023 Netflix movie All the Places’ conclusion.

According to the summary on IMDB, the new Netflix movie All the Places (A Todas Partes) is about an estranged brother and sister who meet at their father’s burial and decide on the spur of the moment to realise their childhood ambition of riding their old motorbike across Mexico.

When we first meet the siblings, the sister is angry at the brother for being late to the funeral because he had to fly in. They raise a commotion during the service, but soon after, they talk about where they are in their life. Within minutes, they decide to take a road trip to spend more time together and make up for missed time.

On this voyage, they come to terms with who they really are and realize that, despite their extended separation, they are still capable of continuing where they left off. They truly embark on an adventure together, and they discover a lot about one another along the way. They strive to accomplish as much as they can as they explore the countryside, almost as if they haven’t known each other long enough as adults.

All the Places Ending Explained – Do Fer and Gabo Stay Together?

Do They Make It Back Home Safely?

At their last resort, they play ping pong as a team, but as they wager on their motorcycles, they both get into difficulty with the other players. Both the game and the bike keys are ultimately lost. The sister, who had an extra set of keys, attempted to flee with the bikes, but they were only able to unlock one. After all of that, they do return safely, only to discover that she had forgotten to turn on the lights at home while they were away.

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Does Gabo See His Son?

In addition to learning about children through his sister Fer, Gabo also makes an effort to be in touch with his son. He hasn’t seen his son Riccardo in a long since he left his mother, so Fer encourages him to play soccer with him. They don’t identify themselves when they play soccer, but Gabo gets to see him. He bids his sister farewell before going to his son’s house to make a formal introduction.

Does Fer Stay at Home?

Gabo aspires to travel the world like her brother, even as Fer teaches her more about what it means to be a family member. Particularly now that she has been divorced for three years, she takes more chances. She travels to the airport to purchase a ticket in order to practically go anyplace because she wants to experience a new life. It’s adorable how both siblings started living again after listening to one another’s counsel.

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How do Fer and Gabo end up together in All the Places Ending?

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