Copycat Killer Season 1 Episode 10 Recap and Ending Explained


Miyuki Miyabe, a well-known author from Japan, wrote the book that became the basis for Copycat Killer, which was made by Greener Grass Production for Netflix.

The plot centers on Kuo Hsiao-chi, an honorable prosecutor, who is headed for a confrontation with a sadistic serial killer or killers who plan to turn the world into a stage while purposely torturing the victims’ loved ones.

The 10-hour-long episodes of the series are filled with unexpected turns. Even though there are several surprises before the conclusion, the tenth episode is what wraps up the entire narrative.

Copycat Killer Season 1 Ending Explained

Netflix Copycat Killer recap guide: All 10 episodes explained

Who Is the Noh Killer?

The identity of the Noh Killer, who is killing young women and using their body parts to torture the police and the media, is, of course, the most important question in the entire series. Hsiao-chi is working on the case because he is a prosecutor who is willing to go above and beyond because he sincerely believes in the obligation of his position. But he also tends to be rigid in his approach and has a rather binary view of the world.

The Noh Killer then pushes him to his highest moral standards. He starts to create a profile of the murderer with the help of his psychiatrist buddy Yun-Huei Hu, noting in particular that he is a narcissist and attention-seeker.

Hsiao-chi collaborates with TV reporter Yen-Jhen Lu, whose friend is one of the missing women, as the probe becomes more well-known. He-Ping Chen, one of her coworkers, is TheNoh Killer.

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Why Is He-Ping Chen Killing People?

He-ping wants to become well-known.

He-ping is a narcissist, as the profile implied. He manipulates Hsiao-chi into making reckless decisions, turns the murder inquiry into a bestseller, and then reaps additional rewards from the prosecutor’s imprisonment.

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He-ping has been able to achieve great renown and even land his own TV program. Yet it’s his vanity that also ends up being his downfall since when Hsiao-chi approaches him, he coerces him into making a confession by implying that the Noh Killer is an uninspired fabrication that would eventually be forgotten.

He-ping is a classic psychopath who tormented animals as a young child before killing his parents. He was given a life sentence but is killed by a stabbing before he has a chance to begin serving it.

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Does He-Ping Have an Accomplice?

At the end, we find out that He-ping was working with Jia-Wun Shen despite being the puppeteer.

When Jia-wun was a little child, his mother mistreated him since the death of his sister as a baby had caused his mother’s mental collapse. She gave Jia-wun the name of her sister, made him dress and live like a girl, and eventually replaced her in order to fill the void her daughter’s death had left in her life.

He-ping and Jia-wun first connected in a secret sex club that catered to extreme sexual fantasies and obsessions. They gradually developed from engaging in this voyeurism to becoming actual offenders.

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