Is Sophie Telling Alejandro that She Loves Him at The End of At Midnight?

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Does Sophie confess her love to Alejandro in the postAt Midnight ending? initially featured on Ready Steady Cut.

We examine the At Midnight (2023) ending of the Paramount+ movie, which contains spoilers.

A superhero franchise that has transformed her career—Super Society—and her insulting boyfriend Adam (Anders Holm) into shadows, At Midnight follows actress Sophie (Monica Barbaro), who is trying to escape. Following a late-night appearance with Sophie, he promptly destroys their relationship because he is notorious for womanising. How? Sophie sneaks in on them by having a relationship with a makeup artist. Since Sophie’s work is dependent on the success of her relationship with Adam and their most recent film, Super Society 3, this presents problems for her.

How Does Sophie “run Into” Alejandro?

At Midnight Ending Explained - does Sophie tell Alejandro that she loves him ?

Sophie “runs into” Alejandro when staying at a big hotel while filming Super Society 3. (Diago Boneta). He is arranging for the junior manager to be transferred to the hotel’s New York location. Alejandro hates that he is expected to take care of Sophie’s needs. Making ensuring there are enough towels in the bathroom is part of that. While getting some back, he almost walks in on the actress naked because he is unaware that she is taking a shower. However, there is an evident and immediate desire when Sophie can hide herself and is going to attack him.

After his father abandons his family, Alejandro enjoys entertaining and taking care of people, so when he discovers her sneaking into the kitchen later that night to get some food, he makes her a sandwich. He accepts Sophie and she enjoys the cuisine.

The following day, after Adam once more puts his foot in his mouth, he queries Alejandro about a potential dance location. They have a wonderful time, with Sophie gracefully dancing around him, and towards midnight, she gives him a kiss. Despite Alejandro’s boss’s insistence that employees shouldn’t interact with guests, they regularly meet around midnight.

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Sophie suggests going to Alejandro’s family celebration in Mexico City when they are out for a stroll on the beach. The family is enamoured with her and speaks to her primarily in Spanish, which Sophie can understand some words of. She confesses her best buddy she is in love with him in the toilet when they are enjoying yet another great time, with his mother and sister making fun of him in the kitchen. His father appears at that point and starts tormenting Alejandro. He even asks his son how he should care for an actress who is accustomed to a certain way of life. She claims to be merely a tourist, which I take to be a ruse to get his father off his back.

At Midnight Ending Explained

She obviously disagrees with this. By telling her she invited herself on the vacation, he errs instead of gently explaining why he said it (or apologising). Their brief affair appears to have come to an end as they argue, part ways, and break up. Of course, he attempts to win her back by infiltrating the set on the last day of filming while posing as Adam’s role. She says they once had something unique that is no longer there as he pours out his heart. Sophia departs for New York but is unsuccessful in getting the ideal job. Alejandro lost his job because of his friendship with Sophie. Then his boutique hotel opens.

Sophie returns to Alejandro in what way? Sophie visits Alejandro’s house a few months later after she realises how much she has missed him. He is surprised that she knocked on his door. He informs her that he will soon start his own business. Does she then inquire about his late-night menu in an effort to repeat their memorable hotel encounter? She approaches the outdoor kitchen with a view of the water and then turns back to inquire if it is open. I’m in your outdoor kitchen and I’m wondering whether you have a late-night menu. I’m hungry, therefore.

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Does Sophie Tell Alejandro that She Loves Him?

The Universal Language of Love: A Conversation with 'At Midnight' Romantic  Comedy Filmmaker Jonah Feingold - Script Magazine

All of this appears to be an overt attempt on her part to confess her error and declare her love for him. Because it takes longer to cook than to eat, Alejandro confesses to her that he detests cooking. She pulls away from him after their kiss and says, “I love you too.”

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