Missing (2023) Finale Explanation – How Does June Locate Her Mother?

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How does June locate her mother in the postMissing (2023) ending? initially featured on Ready Steady Cut.

We talk about the Missing movie’s cliffhanger, which contains spoilers, in 2023.

With the development of 21st-century technology, the movie Missing, which uses “visual storytelling where all the events are portrayed on a computer, tablet, or smartphone screen,” has gained popularity over the past ten years. The narrative centres on June, an 18-year-old senior in high school (Storm Reid). The adolescent resides with Grace, her mother (Nia Long). June has terrible recollections of her father passing away from cancer when she was a little girl. After watching a video of him playing with her, she begins to bleed from the nose. She thinks about that incident frequently and is so afraid of losing another parent that she keeps practically every voicemail from her mother, no matter how brief.

Missing (2023) Ending Explained

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Grace, though, is continuing on with her life. She is currently seeing Kevin (Kenneth Leung), who wants June’s approval and takes her mother on a vacation to Columbia. What could possibly go wrong in a nation with almost one company for every 100,000 citizens, then? The fact that the occasion falls on Father’s Day, though, is yet additional reminder of what she never had and lost. Grace, who is now legally recognised as an adult by the state, is overly protective of her. While she is away, she deposits 350 dollars into her account for emergencies. Heather (Amy Landecker), the single mother’s best friend and attorney, keeps tabs on her.

Over the weekend, June throws a party with her pals. Grace and Kevin are still not there when she arrives at the airport to pick up her mother. Things go slowly due to international red tape as they start to contact the FBI and speak to an agent assigned to the investigation (Daniel Henney). June wants to get past all of that, so she pays a nearby handyman (Joaquim de Almeida) $8 an hour to visit the motel and look at the video.

By hacking Kevin’s Gmail accounts, June also comes to believe that he is not who he claims to be. (She was unable to access her mother’s accounts.) She discovers that he had a criminal history and that he had used various aliases to scam women. June contacts Jimmy, a local pastor who oversees the rehabilitation of paroled criminals. Jimmy is a member of a local church. He affirms Kevin’s claim that what he and June had was genuine. Further investigation by June reveals his dating profile and their exchange of texts, supporting Jimmy’s assertions. Kevin tells her about his history as they both open up about their pasts. Grace is shocked to learn that she may possibly be hiding something. June discovers video of them on live cam websites. She receives a video of the couple being taken hostage at gunpoint from the FBI.

But out of all the footage June and the FBI have viewed, the woman with Kevin is not Grace, which is the first major surprise twist in the movie! He allegedly hired Rachel to be an actress on a reality show, according to Rachel. Heather’s dejected actions cause June to become suspicious. She discovers her computer being deleted and her dead body in the adjacent room at her workplace when she looks into the lawyer there. A video of Kevin being shot dead by Columbian authorities is later delivered to June, closing the case against her mother.

When June finally gets into her mother’s account using the password that her mother gave her, “Junebug,” things start to get more stranger for her. According to information, her mother was threatened, and as a result, she purchased a camera system for a former holiday home. At that point, Jimmy calls her and claims to have knowledge regarding June’s mother. Except when he shows up late at night, after the police have left the house, on a gloomy, rainy night. Jimmy knocks on the door and exposes that he is June’s father by taking off his hood. On the inside of the house video camera, June also sees her mother. June is familiar with the residence because her father and June were captured on video there.

It comes out that Jimmy was sentenced to prison for drug trafficking, and Grace dumped him as a result. She took June with her and dialled the police, informing them of the drugs she had discovered in the closet. After a twelve-year absence, Kevin was waiting for him in jail. Grace was assisted in relocating and changing her name by Heather, a lawyer. Jimmy killed Heather, and when Kevin was killed in Columbia (I’m assuming he called the police and reported his whereabouts in an anonymous manner), he was free to go. Grace is abducted by him, who then returns her to that house. Where is Grace, though, and how does June find her mother? Jimmy, it turned out, had sequestered her in the garage of their previous holiday property.

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What happens at the end of Missing?

Jimmy starts Missingends by trapping June and Grace in the same room. June fights Jimmy off and stabs him in the neck with a piece of broken glass that was shattered by the gunshot that struck Grace in the torso as he enters the room, shooting her in the torso. Jimmy searches for the closest hospital on Google while June instructs “Siri” to make a 911 call using the security camera she was watching from her home. The bureau at her home still held her cell phone.

After a few months, June gets enrolled in college. On the computer, we can see that June is watching a Netflix true crime series called Unfiction that is based on what happened to her at home. By SMS, Grace declares her love for June. Unlike at the start of the movie, June texts her back to say that she shares her feelings.

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