The Price of Family Ending Explained – Who Really Inherited Aunt Thea’s Money?

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We talk about the movie’s conclusion, which includes spoilers, in the Netflix original The Price of Family.

The Price of Family begins with Carlo and Anna, two parents, bidding goodbye to both of their adult children as they leave their family home and relocate to Rome. Their son, Emilio, is leaving to work in a low-paying office job for a supervisor he loathes, while their daughter, Alessandra, is moving in with her dentist boyfriend, Rocco (Francesco Marioni). Anna is deeply saddened by the fact that both of her siblings are spending less and less time with their ageing parents since moving out. Simply because they don’t feel like talking to their parents, they ignore their parent’s phone calls, skip an aunt’s funeral, and pledge to visit but never do. When both kids opt not to spend Christmas with their parents, it is the tipping point.

Anna and Carlo assert that the sadly deceased Aunt Thea gave them a significant estate after they had enough of being ignored by their offspring. Interestingly, the idea is successful. And when Alessandra and Emilio find out about their parents’ make-believe riches, they both at once remember how much they adore their parents. Naturally, mom and dad now have to behave (and spend) as though they are actually affluent. Will Anna and Carlo’s bank accounts last till Christmas if the farce continues as planned? After all, spending money on things like hiring a Ferrari, purchasing knockoff designer clothing, and writing checks left, right, and centre can easily become a costly pastime.

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The Price of Family Ending Explained

As the movie goes on, pretending to be wealthy begins to place both Carlo and Anna in a more perilous financial situation. They begin making financial promises they are unable to meet, writing checks to their children that they cannot afford, and even cashing out their life insurance and whole bank account.

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Further complicating matters, at a large family gathering, the late aunt’s son confronts Anna and Carlo about the bequest, dividing the entire family. By the time both parents come to the realisation that they had been lying about their wealth, they have already emptied their bank accounts and prepared two cheques for 50,000 each for Alessandra and Emilio as a form of reparation.

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The Consequences of Anna and Carlo S Prank

Although the fictitious inheritance is presented as a lighthearted jest, it actually has serious repercussions for both children. Due to her extreme materialism, Alessandra finds up breaking up with her much older lover. In a bizarre golfing accident, Emilio loses two teeth, but he also loses his job because he can’t afford to give his boss the investment money needed to become a partner in the company.

The parents, unable to face the truth, go too far with their lie and say Carlo is terminally ill, which explains why they can’t put a few million euros in the bank accounts of each child. Both parents lie about travelling to Paris for medical testing in an effort to make the falsehood seem more plausible. The kids finally discover the truth, though, when they see both parents on a video call at home while looking at a photograph of the Eiffel Tower.

Both Alessandra and Emilio seek guidance from their cynical grandma after discovering the truth about their parents. The older woman believes that Carlo and Anna’s behaviour were reprehensible, but she also holds the children accountable for being so disrespectful of their parents. The grandma also discloses that she will actually receive Aunt Thea’s fortune.

Anna is spending Christmas Eve at home, defeated, and taking down the tree. Both of her grown children unexpectedly drop by before she can complete the task; in fact, Carlo accidently smashes Emilio’s teeth because of the surprise. Again.) All the members of this dysfunctional but loving family are seen hunting for Emilio’s missing teeth as the movie comes to a close. Grandma’s intentions towards dividing her fortune with the rest of the family are still unknown.

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Who actually received Aunt Thea’s money in the postThe Price of Family Ending Explained?

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