Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me Ending Explained – who does Nina choose?


We talk about the Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me conclusion, which contains major spoilers for the 2023 Netflix movie.

An unfaithful husband and an ex-boyfriend who was too young for her at the time are the two options presented to a married woman in Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me. Nina’s husband does all he wants without ever taking into account her needs, leading to a passionless marriage.

Nina feels as though she no longer own anything of her own. She has the titles of mother, wife, and daughter, but she does not identify as a woman. She no longer recognizes herself, and as each day passes, she grows more uneasy. She runs into her younger ex-boyfriend from years ago as she heads to work at her local magazine, and all those emotions come flooding back.

She is unable to stop dwelling on the past, but how could she when her spouse scarcely acknowledges her? She recalls what love should feel like when she collaborates with her ex-boyfriend. With him, she feels more at ease and like herself than she has in a long time. She becomes more aware that she can’t be with her husband as they become closer. As her husband decides to travel to Iceland by himself one day, Nina begins to spend more time with her ex and begins an affair with him. She longed for those emotions and, more crucially, for her former self.

Nonetheless, this movie examines the choices that women must make in terms of relationships. Finding the right partner to ensure your future is usually more important than finding someone you genuinely love and want to marry. Because of this, many people who claim they settle for a marriage or don’t marry for love experience many problems in their union, making it challenging for them in the long run. You could even find it tough to determine whether Nina made the correct decision after watching this.

Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me Ending Explained

Does Nina’s Husband Find out About the Affair?

She acts in her own best interests after discussing her connection with her father. Compared to women, who prioritise pleasing others, men are typically more egotistical and focused on what they want. Nina must seize this opportunity because too much time has passed.

Before getting into bed with her ex, Nina butt-dials her husband as she hurries to his residence. He overhears her having a sexual encounter with him and learns of the relationship. This is the worst way for someone to learn that their significant other is lying, especially if they are thousands of miles away in another nation.

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What Happens to Nina’s Husband?

Her husband is inconsolable after hearing the news. Facetiming her, he confesses his continued love for her and his confusion over his future plans. Nina needs to speak with him face-to-face while he is out in the wild in Iceland. She then purchases a ticket to see him.

While Nina is travelling, her husband notices a man who is unconscious in the bottom of one of the canyons. He descends there because he wants to assist the man, which is quite out of character given his selfish behaviour towards Nina. He carefully descends, slipping his head. Nina travels to the hospital in Iceland after learning that her spouse is now unconscious.

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Who Does Nina Choose?

When Nina’s ex learns she’s travelling to Iceland, he can’t let her go by herself. He decided to accompany her there, but Nina had to formally say goodbye to her ex. She has a different kind of love for her spouse and detests anything that can happen to him.

Nina gives up her genuine love to care for her husband, who may experience health problems in the future, and to provide for her daughters. Nina picks her spouse.

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Who does Nina select in the postTonight You’re Sleeping With Me ending?

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