A Genocide Reference In Marvel’s Moon Knight and Explicated Response

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This is the MCU, no doubt about it, but it’s not the MCU as you know it.

Fans have been anticipating the release of Moon Knight ever since it was first announced, and although the film’s inclusion in the MCU certainly helped, many have also expressed their eagerness to see Oscar Isaac take on the role of the multifaceted antihero.

The first episode of the miniseries, created by Jeremy Slater, premiered on Disney+ on March 30, 2022, and quickly captivated viewers with its story of a mercenary with dissociative identity disorder who finds redemption by becoming a strong hero.

Fans are expecting the next chapters with bated breath, but the “Armenian genocide” mention in Moon Knight has sparked some heated debate.

The Armenian Genocide in Marvel’s Moon Knight

In the first episode of Moon Knight, Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac) and Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) argue over the evils of humanity.

Arthur lists the Armenian genocide (during WWI) and the Holocaust as the worst crimes in human history (Second World War).

a genocide reference in marvel's moon knight and explicated response

Some players have apparently taken offense at the game’s reference to the Armenian genocide, which, according to The Gamer, “publicly denigrates” Turkey, its government, and its judicial system.

The Turkish government, according to CBR’s reporting, rejects that genocide occurred, while it does not deny that the Ottoman Empire perpetrated atrocities in the years 1915–1917.

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What Happened?

The BBC claims that historians can’t agree on how many Armenians were killed when they were deported by the Ottoman Empire during World War One.

The mortality toll during the expulsion is still up for question, with deaths reported by journalists at the time attributed to disease and famine. When it comes to casualties, the Republic of Turkey puts the number at 300,000, but the Armenians say it’s closer to 1.5 million.

The first episode’s mention of the Armenian genocide has resulted in a lot of one-star reviews for Moon Knight on IMDb, likely from viewers who agree with Turkey’s perspective.

The ‘Incredible Superpower’ that Humans Possess Is Acknowledged In This Show

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The great superpower that people possess is acknowledged in this show, he said. Sometimes what we call a disorder is a remarkable way of coping with the world that we’d be lost without. Every Wednesday, new episodes of Moon Knight will be available to stream on Disney+.

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