According to Pierce Brosnan, “Playing a Superhero Was the Last Thing I Expected I Would Do”

When asked about his failed audition for Tim Burton’s Batman many years ago, Pierce Brosnan said that playing a superhero role was the last thing on his mind.

Actor Timothy Hutton, who played Doctor Fate in the film Golden Eye, said, “I didn’t expect this, yeah I really was, it was the last thing on my mind to be playing a superhero like Doctor Fate,” on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.

I mean, I voted for Batman back when Tim Burton was directing. Of course, I didn’t get the position. And yet, I do recall embarrassing myself in front of Tim Burton. I just don’t get any dudes who wear their briefs outside their pants, as I said.

according to pierce brosnan, "playing a superhero was the last thing i expected i would do"

And so, there you have it; the best man got the job; and, you know, Doctor Fate and I were probably destined to cross paths. When asked if he could see through the Doctor Fate mask, the Mamma Mia! star replied, “No. Everyone is curious about your experience wearing the suit and the helmet.

When it’s completely dark outside, you know there’s nothing to see. There was this gorgeous, sleek helmet that I couldn’t fit into, and then there was this other one.

But of course, you are wearing a mocap suit, a motion capture suit, which is the most ungainly and mildly comical thing to wear. You need a sense of humor, ping-pong balls, and grey tights.

“But I remember Jaume Collet-Serra, the director, saying there was a point where I had to find this crown and he said, “I’m standing there and giving it my best heroic acting and he said ok put the helmet on, I said don’t worry I can see it, its right there.

Naturally, once I donned the goggles, I could no longer see anything. “Anyway, it was great fun to do, and the cast was fantastic.” The release date for Black Adam is this coming Friday, October 21.

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