Alleged Hijacker Tried to Zip Tie Down Delta Flight Attendant – Who Is Christopher Williams?

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In June of 2021, a video of a Delta flight attendant using a zip tie to restrain an accused plane hijacker went viral. Who is the passenger who may have prevented the plane’s crash? The following is supplementary information on Chris Williams.

It’s not often that hijackings are suspected, and it’s extremely rarer when they’re recorded on camera. Though, on June 4th, passengers on a Delta flight recorded the crew coping with an emergency landing and an accused hijacker.

Zip-Tie-Wearing Delta Flight Attendant Attacks Plane

An alleged attempted break-in into the cockpit occurred on a Delta flight from Los Angeles to Nashville on June 4.

After yelling “stop the plane” and trying to get into the cockpit, the man was apprehended by the flight crew, who had to tackle him and zip tie his wrists to keep him from hurting himself or others.

alleged hijacker tried to zip tie down delta flight attendant - who is christopher williams?

After the incident, a video of a flight attendant arresting the suspected hijacker quickly gained widespread attention.

To Whom Does One Address Inquiries Regarding the Delta Flight Carrier’s Assistant?

Christopher Williams is the name of the Delta flight attendant whose image went viral online.

It appears that Christopher is not active on social media or LinkedIn. After restraining the man with a zip tie, the Delta flight attendant received hero status.

In spite of the widespread acclaim on social media, Christopher doesn’t appear to have acknowledged it.

Somebody on Twitter said, “True hero in the skies. Delta flight attendant Christopher Williams prevents a passenger from gaining access to the control panel. FAs are not just there to offer drinks; they have a responsibility to the safety of the passengers and the aircraft as well.

One more commented, “As a retired Flight Attendant from Continental/United Airlines, I commend his professionalism and leadership that was taught and trained to us throughout Flight Attendant training for six weeks before becoming a Flight Attendant! Sending you lots of adoration and respect, bro.

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What Happened to The Alleged Hijacker?

Fortunately, the flight ended without incident thanks to the quick actions of the crew upon discovering the suspected hijacker.

There was an emergency and the jet landed in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

A man who landed in Albuquerque was immediately brought into jail, and his identity has not yet been revealed. After the plane had to make an emergency landing, the Albuquerque FBI tweeted that there was “no threat to the public.”

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