American Horror Stories Season 2 Release Date: Everything We Know So Far

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Why limit yourself to just one season of American Horror Story when you may enjoy a series of stories? This is the core premise of American Horror Stories, the ghoulish spin-off of the program, which tackles brand-new shocks with a fresh cast each week. American Horror Stories.

Except that the cast is not entirely fresh; several of Ryan Murphy’s favorite past actors and actresses make cameo appearances in this program, and they even connect the spin-off to his primary flagship series on occasion.

Since it was always obvious that American Horror Stories would be a hit with the franchise’s followers, all that remains now is to wait and see what the next batch of tales has in store for them. But what’s in store? Check out our guide to American Horror Stories’ upcoming Season 2.

Is Season 2 of American Horror Story out yet?

FX on Hulu presents the second season of American Horror Stories on Thursday, July 21 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. It is assumed that each episode will center on a different story, however, the first season had a double-bill debut that linked it back to American Horror Story Season 1. The second season of American Horror Stories will contain eight episodes in total, one more than the previous season.

The Cast of American Horror Stories Season 2 Has Been Announced

The second season of American Horror Stories follows the same pattern as previous seasons of the American Horror Story franchise. The anthology series stars former OHS students Denis O’Hare, Cody Fern, Gabourey Sidibe, and Max Greenfield.

american horror stories season 2

American Horror Story has included O’Hare for six seasons, Fern for eight, Greenfield for five, and O’Hare for both American Horror Stories and American Horror Story: Season 10 in 2021. Bella Thorne, Alicia Silverstone, Dominique Jackson, Judith Light, and Quvenzhané Wallis are all newcomers to the franchise. We should expect to see even more of the actors on the show in the future.

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Season 2 of American Horror Stories will be centered around what?

Even if each episode of American Horror Stories tells a unique story, the promotional material for the show has stuck to some very disturbing tropes in the meanwhile. Denis O’Hare, who plays the dollhouse curator in one episode, appears to have some sort of connection to the show’s dolls in this new season, as evidenced by the teaser.

Bella Thorne’s character in one seems determined to ignore the imminent threat of a serial killer stalking her community, while others look to be period pieces. As a result, American Horror Story’s second season has plenty of room for a diverse range of stories, not to mention brand-new settings.

It is possible that subsequent episodes might return any of American Horror Story’s nine seasons other than Murder House, including Asylum’s Briarcliff Manor and the Florida Freak Show or even Miss Robichaux’s School for Exceptional Young Ladies from Coven.

Review of the first season of American Horror Story

A frantic attempt is being made to fit this into the American Horror Story universe, but the result is more damage than good. Given how sloppy some things are here, it diminishes some of the reputations of American Horror Story.

In addition to the lack of suspense, the humor falls flat and the social issues are slapped onto these half-baked episodes by unlikable characters. American Horror Story has a lot of promise. Unfortunately, it’s squandered by half-baked scripts that are cobbled together hastily. It’s advisable to stay away from this one at all costs.

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Is there any new footage for American Horror Stories: The next season’s trailer yet?

Yes! On the 14th of July, the official trailer was released, exactly one week before the episodes were up on Netflix. It’s hard not to be creeped out by Denis O’Hare, who plays a kidnapper who transforms his victims into dolls for his private dollhouse.

Also, Alicia Silverstone’s residence is haunted by what appears to be a demon, and a coroner appears to be fascinated by her job, as well as a poorly bandaged person writhing around in pools of blood. Silverstone (yup… multiple). Apparently, this is just a typical day in the AHS world!

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