What Is Avocado Tequila? Tom Brady Receives Personalised Tequila on His Birthday


Tom Brady, a quarterback for the National Football League, is well-known for, among other things, his 80/20 diet, his “TB12 Method,” and his habit of consuming large quantities of water. Now, Brady’s tweet about avocado tequila is trending worldwide.

Tom Brady follows a rigorous diet and workout routine, including going to bed between 8:30 and 9 o’clock every night and being a vegan for most of the year. His most recent tweets reveal that he is also fond of “avocado tequila.” However, has anyone ever heard of avocado tequila?

Indulge in “Just a Little Avocado Tequila”

After getting a little seasick during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers boat procession, Brady needed a hand getting back to dry land. He reposted ESPN‘s post of a video of him staggering around Twitter while drunk.

Brady made light of his own “performance,” accepting the criticism leveled against his diet and presumably alluding to the rise in popularity of avocado toast. “Noting to see her…just litTle avoCado tequila,” he penned. Over 600,000 people liked and nearly 100,000 people retweeted Tom Brady’s avocado tequila joke.

Twitter Users’ Reactions

As would be expected, Tom Brady‘s humor has generated a lot of discussions. The website Bleacher Report writes that Tom “has been almost as proficient at this social media thing as he has at actual football.”

While this is going on, he’s getting called out on Twitter by users who are upset that he’s reportedly disobeying lockdown regulations by not wearing a mask.

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Is there such a thing as avocado tequila?

The smoothie-loving Blender Babes did, in fact, “incorporate the smooth, creamy fruit of the avocado” into a “green margarita” in a 2014 recipe. They argue that the sweetness is mitigated by the tequila’s silky consistency and the addition of cilantro and celery salt. In contrast, grilled avocado with lime and tequila is what YouTube chef Syd Marshall of Cooking Guide suggests offering. It’s a mystery; who knew?

Meanwhile, the nonprofit organization Avocados from Mexico promotes the consumption of tequila through the consumption of guacamole by using a recipe they call Avocado Tequila Salsa. There is now an independent social media community for avocado tequila. Perhaps Tom Brady has increased the demand for avocado tequila.

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