Bernie Ghost: The Internet Is Flooded with “Ghost” Bernie Sanders Gag


There is a new Bernie Sanders meme going around that references a classic movie scene. The ‘Ghost’ meme is broken down for you here. On Wednesday, when Joe Biden was being sworn in as the 46th President of the United States, everyone’s attention was on someone else: Bernie Sanders.

The Democratic presidential candidate from early in the 2020 election cycle expressed his support by attending Biden’s Inauguration, but his attire drew international attention. Bernie showed up in a puffy coat and large mittens while everyone else was dressed to the nines, and the image quickly went viral.

The next viral sensation to include Bernie Sanders blends the viral mittens photo with a well-known movie moment. This article explains the “Bernie Sanders Ghost” fad.

A “Ghost” Meme of Bernie Sanders is a Hit on The Internet

Among the many Bernie Sanders memes floating around the web, the Bernie Sanders Ghost meme has quickly become a viral sensation. The meme involves a famous image of Bernie Sanders wearing mittens during the Inauguration superimposed on top of footage of a lady throwing pots on a pottery wheel.

bernie ghost

Where did this scene originate from, in which Bernie wraps his arms around a woman and puts his enormous mittened hands on a pottery wheel? The following text will provide light on the situation.

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The Films of 1990, “Ghost” Clip

You could be perplexed by this sentence if you haven’t seen the 1990 film Ghost, from which this scenario is taken. Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore feature in the American romantic thriller. The film stars Whoopi Goldberg, Tony Goldwyn, and Rick Aviles and follows a young lady who needs aid and is assisted by a psychic and the ghost of her deceased lover.

The film’s most recognizable sequence has the main character, potter Molly Jensen, working at her wheel as the spirit of her deceased boyfriend watches from a distance. However, in this viral meme, Bernie Sanders takes the place of Patrick Swayze.

Bernie Sanders ‘ghost’ Meme Receives Reactions on Twitter

People have been responding to the ‘Ghost’ joke, which has become one of the most popular Bernie Sanders memes online, on Twitter. In the words of one commenter, “Crying laughing at this, by far the finest one #BernieSanders #Ghost #Mittens.” The Bernie Sanders “Ghost” meme is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time, commented another.

Someone else tweeted, “I’m not sure I’ll ever tyre of the @BernieSanders mittens memes. I recently viewed a gif of him and @justdemi performing the pottery scene from #ghost. knocked me out. Laugh your way through some further Bernie Sanders memes here.

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