Better Call Saul: What Does In Liebe Deine Jungs Mean?

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When it comes to a show as well-executed as Better Call Saul, even the smallest of details matter greatly, and the premiere of the sixth season is no exception.

The first scene of the show depicts the creation of a memorial lucite sculpture out of a slide rule coated in epoxy. In German, the inscription reads, “In Liebe Deine Jungs.”

But what does the ornament’s dedication represent, and why is it important to the bigger picture of Better Call Saul?

In Liebe Deine Jungs Meaning Of

The German expression “In Liebe Deine Jungs” translates to “With Love, Your Boys.”

Given that the statement engraved on the sculpture is written in German, it can only refer to one character in Better Call Saul: Werner Ziegler.

Werner had a significant role in season four as the German architect and his team of engineers was hired by Gus Fring to construct the underground superlab seen in Breaking Bad.

Margarethe Ziegler tells Lalo in season 6 that Werner was like a father to the people who worked for him, calling them “his sons” or “seine jungs.”

Margarethe’s revelation to Lalo that Werner’s team didn’t turn up for the funeral piques his interest; it suggests that the commemorative ornament was delivered by Werner’s colleagues.

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Why Is Lalo so Presently Concerned with Werner Ziegler?

As shown in Season 4 of Better Call Saul, Gus Fring enlists the help of German engineer Werner Zielger and his colleagues to build a top-secret superlab.

Werner and his colleagues had to work in secrecy for months, away from their family and friends, and as that time drew on, they grew restless. This prompted Werner to slip out of the facility and make plans to meet his wife Margarethe.

better call saul: what does in liebe deine jungs mean

Lalo Salamanca, who had been observing Gus Fring’s business transactions, noticed the chaos that ensued after Werner vanished, and so he followed Mike as he desperately looked for Ziegler.

Mike was able to lose track of Lalo and track down Werner, who he regrettably killed for violating regulations and putting his work at risk.

Despite Mike’s disappearance, Lalo Salamanca followed the trail back to the Travel Wire where Werner had received money sent by his wife. There, Lalo was able to trace down Werner’s contact information and use it to get in touch with the architect and get some sketchy details regarding Gus’s intentions.

After escaping an attempt on Gus Fring’s life in season 6, Lalo chooses to travel to Germany in order to investigate Werner Ziegler and the mystery work he did for Gus.

In What Ways the End of The Season May Be Determined by The Ornament 6

Lalo meets Werner Ziegler’s wife Margarethe in a German bar in season 6 episode 5 while posing as a man named Ben.

After chatting for a bit, Margarethe brings up the subject of her husband’s death and explains that Warner was rumored to have been killed in a cave-in.

She continues by saying that, despite their close relationship with Werner, none of his men showed up for his funeral, instead delivering the plaque that led Lalo to break into Margarethe’s house in quest of more answers.

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After Lalo locates the sculpture, he examines its base to learn more about its creator. Obviously, his next move should be to locate the plaque’s maker and inquire as to the plaque’s commissioning party.

As soon as he’s through, Lalo will be hot on the trail of Werner’s jungs in the hopes that they’ll spill the beans on what the two were up to, potentially compromising Gus Fring’s superlab’s confidentiality.

The sixth season of Better Call Saul can be shown on AMC on Monday nights and on Netflix across the world on Tuesdays.

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