Black Mirror Season 6 Release Date – Will There Be A New Season?

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We’ve been living in a Black Mirror episode for the previous few years, notably during the COVID-19 epidemic, which saw us relying largely on technology, social media, and video chats to preserve most connections and any sense of human connection over most of 2020 and 2021. Finally, we will be able to watch Black Mirror Season 6 in its entirety! For now, this is all we know.

Does Black Mirror have a 6th season?

Whether Black Mirror will return for a sixth season is currently unknown.

Is there enough time for a new season of the show? Creator Charlie Brooker stated in an interview with The Radio Times that he’s working on more lighthearted projects.

black mirror season 6

The fact is, I’ve been quite busy.” In terms of what I’m doing and not doing, I don’t know what I can tell you. As of right now, Brooker isn’t working on any stories about society breaking apart, so he doesn’t know if he has the stomach for it. I’ve been creating scripts to make myself laugh since I’m interested in reviving my comic abilities.”

Black Mirror 6 will be released in the fall of 2023. Season 6 of Black Mirror has yet to be announced. That said, Variety reports that Netflix has not approved a second season but there is a possibility for the show to be released 0n May of 2023.

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What do we know about the cast of Black Mirror Season 6?

However, there are no signs of new episodes being produced for the upcoming season of Black Mirror, and Netflix seems unlikely to release a season this year, given the lack of a release date and the lack of development.

Since immunizations have made the COVID-19 pandemic less of a concern, more film and television productions have continued production, thus if Netflix and Banijay complete an agreement by next year, Black Mirror Season 6 is likely to be published in 2023.

black mirror season 6 release date

However, considering there has been no news regarding the show’s return, it is unlikely that new episodes would be published in 2022.

A number of cast members could return in sequels or spin-off projects. ‘White Bear’ and ‘Be Right Back,’ both from season 2, have potential sequels in the works, according to Brooker, who spoke to The Independent in 2016 and said they were “almost” making them. We’ve only seen a few instances of meta-references to the series as a whole so far, but that could change at any time.

Is there going to be another Black Mirror interactive episode?

After Bandersnatch pioneered the interactive special format on Netflix, the show’s makers explored whether they will return to the model for future specials.

During an interview with Yahoo, they stated that “If you’re producing an interactive episode, it ought to justify itself. If you don’t have a compelling narrative rationale for using that, it’s just a gimmick.”

black mirror season 6 intro

We do know that Brooker wants to keep the two happy in their new house and has no plans for a sequel to one of the most beloved episodes, San Junipero. It was reported back in October 2016 that White Bear and Be Right Back, two of the show’s earliest episodes, would have a sequel.

In addition, Broke and Bones have hired Russell McLean, who will be “focused on creating interactive projects” in the future as part of the new deal.

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Netflix has yet to release a trailer for the sixth season of Black Mirror

Although a trailer for Season 6 of Black Mirror has yet to be produced, you may check out a trailer for an episode from Season 5 in the meantime to refresh your memory of how great this show is.



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