Bridgerton Fans Disapprove of Season 3’s Penelope Storyline – Checkout Latest Updates!

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Have you watched Season 2 of Bridgerton yet? And now you’ve arrived at our page in search of information on Bridgerton season 3? It’s easy to see why—the show is fantastic. We can’t seem to get enough of the Regency-era romance series, what with its magnificent sets, sensual stories, and tales of intrigue. Seasons 3 and 4 are already available on Netflix, which is a blessing.

Claudia Jessie, who portrays Eloise Bridgerton on the show, had some fantastic ideas when Glamour asked her about what she’d want to see happen in the upcoming season. “I want [Eloise] to get involved in politics.” Because season two sees her meet new people, get involved in many aspects of society, explore new ideas, and think in new ways. She’s always reading, so she’s still in that delightful young sponge period, soaking up everything. “I really want her to discover her thing—what she enjoys learning about the most—and make it her goal, and maybe it will become political,” Jessie added. “I’d also like her to have a boyfriend for the sake of having a boyfriend, not because they’re getting married.” ‘I’ve got a fella,’ she should just say. That is my associate.’

“Polin gets the spotlight!”

Penelope’s love for Bridgerton’s third oldest brother was obvious from the first season. Despite this, she overheard him say he would never marry her near the end of season two. Ouch.

Fans of the show are eager to learn more about Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton’s transformation from best friends to lovers for precisely this reason. If this is indeed the case.

Netflix’s Twitter account announced the storyline, with one piece of the letter reading:

“This writer can confirm that the upcoming season will focus solely on Mr. Colin Bridgerton‘s growing romance with Miss Penelope Featherington.”

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‘She deserves more than Colin,’ said one fan.

The Polin shipping businesses are full of news, as excellent and intriguing as it sounds, but the others aren’t.

Penelope, in fact, is deserving of her own romance. Netizens have reacted to the news with conflicting feelings, with some believing she deserves more.

Bridgerton fans disapprove of Season 3's Penelope storyline

“Am I the only one who doesn’t like Penelope and Colin?” one admirer wondered on Twitter. Penelope deserves someone so much better than him after his d*** actions at the end of the season. To****, he’s rude.

“I’m not looking forward to Bridgeton’s forthcoming season because Penelope isn’t my favorite character,” Second remarked.

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Lady Whistledown’s undetermined fate

Also, Lady Whistledown falls behind Miss Featherington.

Despite almost revealing her true identity in the first and second seasons, Penelope Featherington has managed to preserve her cover as the anonymous gossip columnist from “the tonne.”

Is it possible that her id may be discovered or altered now that the third season will focus solely on her character? Time will reveal everything.

Bridgerton fans disapprove of Season 3's Penelope storyline

Other Bridgeton viewers believe that the series harmed Penelope’s mental health and her sense of being forgotten by coupling her with Colin, solely reducing her safety net of being Lady Whistedown.

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Mrs. Wesleydon’s undetermined fate

Not to mention that Lady Whistledown is the brainchild of Miss Featherington.

Despite the fact that her identity is almost discovered in seasons one and two, Penelope Featherington manages to retain her secret as an anonymous gossip columnist.

Is it likely that her identity will be revealed or replaced now that Season 3 has firmly concentrated on her character? The only way to know for sure is to wait and see.


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