Buss It White Robe Challenge: Twitter Users Were Wowed by Slim Santana’s “Buss It” Challenge Video!

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People on Twitter have been reacting to an x-rated clip of Slim Santana’s Buss It Challenge, in which she appears to be naked while wearing a white robe.

In the past few weeks, the Buss It Challenge has swept the internet, inspiring many to go from a more relaxed style to a full-on glam look. Celebrities have also gotten in on the trend, with Chloe Bailey and Monica garnering praise from fans for their own versions.

Initial steps typically involve a light shuffle to Erica Banks’ Hot in Herre sample from Buss It. And then when the chorus dies out, so do they. Dressed to the nines, the person breaks out into a dance to Buss It.

The Buss It Challenge Video Goes Viral

Twitter user Slim Santana uploaded a viral version of the Buss It Challenge, which quickly gained attention and participation. When compared to the other videos, hers is noticeably unique. If you ask us, you shouldn’t make special efforts to see it.

buss it white robe challenge

Of course, the video isn’t allowed on TikTok, but once she shared it on Twitter, users on the app started reacting to it. With over a hundred thousand Twitter followers, Slim Santana is a popular OnlyFans creator.

Given that you’ve probably already ruined your life by viewing the white robe Buss It Challenge, let’s take a peek at Twitter’s amusing replies.

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Reactions on Twitter to The Video of Slim Santana

The vast majority of viewers on Twitter have deemed the video to go “too far”:

  • Think Jordyn Woods’ Buss If not, why not give it the spotlight?
  • Tracking down the white robe Buss Just watching the video is difficult; getting past that is the real test.
  • Transcending the meaning of “buss it”
  • I couldn’t take it!

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