Campus Diaries Season 2 – When Will It Release? What Is The Cast?

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In India, one of the most well-known and popular web series is Campus Diaries, in which college students chronicle their lives. It focuses around a topic that is not only one of the most pertinent today, but one that any generation can identify with. It’s all about being young! As a young adult college student, you’re likely to confront a wide range of challenges and opportunities. This book relates that tale.

Beginning on January 7th, 2022, the college diaries premiered on digital platforms and quickly rose to prominence as one of the most talked-about shows on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. After just 12 episodes, it’s evident that the public wants more, and the showrunners do certainly have enough to offer in the way of additional content. Because of this, the Campus Diaries season 2 is on the rise.

When is the release date for the Second Season of Campus Diaries?

It’s safe to say that fans are anxiously anticipating the return of their beloved characters!

campus diaries season 2

This season of Campus Diaries is to be expected on  12 January 2023. Nevertheless, all of these speculations and predictions can be chalked up to the whims of the public and the media, or to a single, close source. Though we don’t yet know the official dates, it’s pleasant speculation that there are only a few more days before we find out.

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Season 2 Binge-Watchers of Campus Diaries

With the lockout in place since 2020, binge-watchers are now more likely to watch in chronological order. Instead of focusing on a specific industry or aesthetic, they are now open to exploring a wide range of possibilities.

Another show that a lot of Binge watchers have added is Season 2 of Campus Diaries.

The cast of Season 2 of Campus Diaries

Sudheer Kumar, Abhilash Priyanka, and Sushmita lovers may watch Season 2 of Campus Diaries using MX Player. Watch the film with your family and friends, as previously indicated, because it has a large cast.

It’s a good moment to revisit the casts that kept us entertained and represented our youth throughout season 1, and who we don’t want to miss out on in season 2!

campus diaries season 2 cast

Season 2 of The Campus Diaries will star Harsh Beniwal as Sudheer Kumar, Ritvik Sahore as Abhilash, Saloni Gaur as Priyanka, and Saloni Patel as Saloni Patel. Sushmita, Shristi Ganguli Rindani played Sana, and Abhinav Sharma was cast as Raghav. This season will bring us back to our youth and remind us of our memories of a friendship that were truly beyond friendship.

The Story of the Second Season of The Campus Diaries

The Campus Diaries Series is the brainchild of Abhishek Yadav and Prem Mistry, who should get all the credit. It was important to them to have a story that encompassed all the aspects of college life, such as the excitement of meeting new people, the joys of falling in love, the bonds of best friends, and the stress of academics.

campus diaries season 2 story


During the first season of this series, six students at Excel University came together to form a community, despite having quite diverse backgrounds and personalities. Despite the ups and downs of adolescence and the difficulties of relationships, it was a lighthearted narrative of adolescent emotions and relationships.

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Aside from romance and fun, the novel will also explore the darker aspects of adolescence, such as teasing and toxic relationships as well as politics and drug and alcohol addiction. This resulted in an extremely relevant sneaker, even though it received a mixed reception from the audience.

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