Can You Visit the Spot Where Emmerdale Survival Week Was Filmed?

In October, the ensemble of Emmerdale will be put through their paces in a week that has been called “survival week.”

A survival test in the great outdoors is about to go horribly wrong for our heroes, so they have left their cozy village in the picturesque Yorkshire Dales. The question is, where exactly did they shoot that historic Emmerdale survival week?

Emmerdale’s Last Week of Survival

The much-anticipated survival week of Emmerdale starts on October 18 and will include daily drama until the 22nd. The Emmerdale cast takes on a survival challenge in the great outdoors that includes rafting, climbing, and lots of hiking.

But this is Emmerdale, and if something can go wrong, it will. While the journey starts off excitingly, the deadly Meena soon becomes a threat to everyone’s safety.

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Where Did They Record the Week of Emmerdale’s Survival?

The sites used to film Emmerdale’s “Survival Week” ranged from those in and around Harrogate to those in and around Teesside.

The Tees Barrage in Stockton-on-Tees has been the most prominent setting thus far, as it has been the site of the river and rapids scenes in which several characters have been put in peril.

can you visit the spot where emmerdale survival week was filmed

The waterfall has also been a striking backdrop throughout the segments of Survival Week. High Force waterfall at Middleton, again on Teesside, was the setting for these scenes.

Last but not least, scenes were shot at Brimham Rocks, a National Trust property around eight miles from Harrogate.

The Mirror claims that Emmerdale’s survival week was shot over the course of six weeks in August and September. Isabel Hodgins, one of the main characters in Emmerdale, has shared several images from the set on her Instagram account.

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A Popular Location

Stockton on Tees’s Tees Barrage protects the city against flooding. Although the Tees played an important role in the Emmerdale episode “Survival Week,” the movie “1917,” which won the Academy Award for Best Picture, also included the river.

can you visit the spot where emmerdale survival week was filmed

The film’s protagonist, Will Schofield, ends up in a river set in First World War France, but it is actually the River Tees, the same place where Emmerdale filmed for survival week.

In 1917, signs were posted along the river and in the nearby woods to convince the public that the bodies they saw in the water were not genuine.

Fans may see past episodes of Emmerdale on ITV’s online video platform, ITV Hub if they miss it the day it airs.

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