Cat that Looks Like Jim Gaffigan: People Believe that Gaffigan Resembles Anything from Knuckles to Babies

It’s been said that somewhere out there is a cat that looks exactly like Jim Gaffigan. To select the cat or dog that looks most like comedian Jim Gaffigan, fans have been sending in photos of their pets to his agent.

Even more touching is the fact that some parents have received images of their own newborns from the show’s followers. Even if there is no hard evidence that a cat looks like a comedian, the resemblance is nonetheless eerie.

Woman Claims Jim Gaffigan Is a Dead Ringer for Her Kneecap

There is a tonne of online jokes that compare Jim Gaffigan to other things. It all started with his appearance on the Conan with Conan O’Brien show on TBS in 2016. In reference to his online interactions, he remarked, “It’s weird, people just give me photographs of white males that look like me… “Like that Boris Johnson fellow.”

cats that look like jim gaffigan

Then he went on to say that a certain lady had commented that his features resembled her shins. It’s as strange as it seems, that’s for sure. The audience went into an uproar of laughter when Conan displayed a photo of the woman’s knees.

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Others Have Remarked that He Reminisces a Baby, Too

Other people have commented that Jim Gaffigan reminds them of a baby, and he frequently receives pictures of infants via social media. Since knees are typically compared to babies’ faces, the two jokes are often spoken in tandem.

Fortunately, Jim Gaffigan doesn’t seem disturbed by the fact that others may perceive him to resemble odd things. He’s a comedian, so I suppose he can take criticism like a man.

In the Eyes of His Fans, He Looks Like a Cat

Not content with comparisons to kneecaps and infants, some have said that Jim Gaffigan resembles cats. August 2021 saw Jim tweeting, “I’ve only been told I look like this cat by 4 people. “Hey, Twitter!

People are always sending him pictures of pets they think look like him. People can be very peculiar. Really? I just don’t see that happening. Have we reached the point of no return?

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