Charlie 1883: Does Taylor Sheridan Make an Appearance in “1883”?

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Fans of 1883 have been treated to another tense episode, and episode 7 introduces a new ally to the caravan. We give you a deeper look into the character of Charlie Goodnight and introduce you to the actor who portrays him in the show.

Season 7, Episode 1 in 1883

In this prequel, played by Sam Elliot, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, and Billy Bob Thornton, the Dutton family moves from Texas to Montana in an effort to get out of their financial bind.

The seventh episode of 1883 included a number of guest stars. Martin Sensmeier’s Sam got to spend time with Isabel May’s Elsa, and James Jordan’s Cookie got a talking-to from Faith Hill’s Margaret for using foul language in front of her son.

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A Standout Was Charles Goodnight a Mysterious Acquaintance of Shea and Thomas

Shea (Sam Elliott) and Thomas (LaMonica Garrett) save them and James (Tim McGraw) from cattle thieves. But is the real Charles Goodnight none other than the author Taylor Sheridan, who first appeared in print in 1883? Continue reading!

Given the confusion surrounding his arrival, we don’t learn much about this mysterious savior. Charles is well-equipped to manage himself in these uncertain and dangerous times because of his military experience and firearm expertise. When Shea asks him what he’s doing out on the barren Plains, Charles replies, “Hunting bandits and strays.”

charlie 1883

What exactly does Charles do—act as a lawman or a vigilante? It’s hard to tell from his response, but he does inform Shea that “killing cattle thieves is one of the West’s five great pleasures.” Does this sound like someone with law enforcement experience or someone with a grudge to settle? Viewer discretion is advised.

Even though Charles takes no second thoughts about killing the cattle rustlers, it is apparent that he adheres to a moral code. Looking down at the dead bandits, Charles asks Shea, “Don’t suppose you care to bury these folks?” When Shea says no, Charles offers his opinion: “they may not deserve it, but someone should say a prayer over these poor sons of bitches.

But Charles says he’ll meet Shea, Thomas, and James back at the wagon party, so they don’t have to worry about him telling them anything they don’t want to hear. It would be great if Charles Goodnight could tag along with our pioneers for a while. Actually, he’d be a great asset to the team.

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Taylor Sheridan

Taylor Sheridan is a well-established name in the American entertainment industry as an actor, director, and screenwriter. Fans of the predecessor to 1883, Yellowstone, may recognize him as Travis Wheatley, while viewers of Sons of Anarchy will recognize him as Deputy Chief David Hale.

As an added bonus, Sheridan is not only one of the writers for 1883 and Yellowstone, but the seasoned pro also contributed to Mayor of Kingstown.

In terms of directing. Already, Sheridan has directed five episodes of 1883, including the one that introduced Charlie Goodnight. This expert directed the 2017 film Wind River and eleven episodes of the TV series Yellowstone.

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