Charlotte Flair Before and After – What’s the Queen’s Take on Plastic Surgery?


American professional wrestler Ashley Elizabeth Fliehr (born April 5, 1986) now competes in the SmackDown brand as Charlotte Flair.

Being Ric Flair’s daughter, she’s a second-generation pro wrestler. The next year, she made her debut in NXT after training with WWE. Pro Wrestling Illustrated (PWI) named her Rookie of the Year in 2014, and she was promoted to WWE’s main roster in 2015.

The career of Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair has won the Divas Championship (twice), as well as NXT Women’s Champion (twice), RAW Women’s Champion (twice), and SmackDown Women’s Champion (twice). She also won the Women’s Tag Team Championship, making her a Grand Slam Champion and a Triple Crown Champion.


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In addition, Flair triumphed in the Royal Rumble bout in the year 2020 as well. To sum it up, Charlotte Flair has won 15 women’s singles championships, and is officially recognized by WWE as a 13-time women’s world champion (although WWE does not count her second reign with the NXT Women’s Championship as a “world” title), and has won 16 WWE championships in total, including her Women’s Tag Team Championship reign with Asuka.

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In terms of wrestling, WWE has come a long way. However, this corporation has always had a history of sending their top female wrestlers for some body-related surgery treatment and they are so concerned that they are willing to spend large sums of money from their own pocket

‘The Queen of WWE’ has undergone many changes over the course of her career, as detailed below

Breast enhancement surgery

When it comes to Charlotte Flair’s breast implication surgery, the WWE queen has opened up about the experience.

In the WWE, Charlotte has won every single championship belt there is.

Flair has won the WWE Raw SmackDown Championship six times and the WWE Raw Championship five times, making him a 15-time World Champion in total.

However, she had to have breast augmentation surgery in 2018 which resulted in silicone toxicity.


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The WWE’s reigning champion had to take a break from the ring to recover from plastic surgery, but she denied being poisoned.

Even though the recuperation time is longer than I would prefer, this time I’m taking a long-term approach that I feel will cure the problem.”

“Just to be clear, I haven’t been poisoned with silicone this time. As a cosmetic procedure to correct a problem from a previous operation,”

As soon as I’m ready, I’ll return. The body will be well-rested, and the mind will be focused on leaving a lasting impression. Always striving to improve, always striving to be better.”

 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Charlotte was suspended for a few weeks in 2021 because of her outburst attack on Asuka and Rhea Ripley. When she returned, however, the public noticed certain alterations to her appearance, leading some to speculate that the Queen had undergone plastic surgery.

In the aftermath, it was revealed that she had undergone dental surgery, which was the real cause for her departure from WWE.

In an effort to put an end to the rumors, Charlotte’s fiancé, Andrade, resorted to Twitter to put them to rest.

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What Andrade was  saying in an interview with The Wrestling Observer Radio

It’s time for me to expose the real me and all those people who say that my fiancé @MsCharlotteWWE has 1,000,000 surgeries (only one) and how I appear without filters and cosmetics.

When Dave Meltzer brought up the speculation of her having plastic surgery, she said, “Please quit talking s–t.”

Since her NXT debut, Flair’s look has seen numerous transformations. A series of Tweets from her addressed all of this supposition.

As a result of her breast surgery in 2018, which didn’t go as planned, she had to have another procedure to mend the ruptured silicones.

A quotation from Flair stated:

The AC in my house has broken down, so we have a bit extra time to spare.” Time off, plastic surgery, and boobs will be the subject of these tweets, which may be a little spread out.

If you want to know about my boobs’ past, you’ll have to wait for a separate story.” A year later in 2018, in Charlotte, North Carolina. After a career-defining triumph at Wrestlemania, a young queen finds herself sicker than sick at her brother’s house for the first time since the win.

What does The doctor reveal about the implant?

It revealed that my implant had been leaking for some time and that silicone poisoning was the most likely cause. The doctor said it was one of the worst cases he’d ever seen.

“My implant had been leaking for a long time before I discovered it. ‘It was the worst instance I had ever seen,’ she said. When I was confronted with the problem, I had several possibilities. There was a set recuperation period for each option. Because I value this position more than anything else, I opted for the one that would allow me to return to work the quickest. That was the conclusion I arrived at after much consideration.


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When I thought something wasn’t right, I went back to see my doctor. Tweeted Flair: “Same issue again.” Despite the extended recuperation time, I’ve decided to go with an alternative that I believe will solve the problem in the long term.

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And after all of this Twitter drama, she took a six-month hiatus, and when she returned, The Queen looked even better than before.

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