Chicago Fire Season Finale: Who’s in Peril? Who Might Be Breaking up?


Due to Kelly Severide’s (Taylor Kinney) and Stella Kidd’s (Miranda Rae Mayo) impending nuptials, the series finale of Chicago Fire should be a joyous one. In the meantime, “Brettsey” must decide what to do about their long-distance relationship, since she remains in Chicago, and whether or not they will say “I do.”

Besides that, Emma (Caitlin Carver) is threatening to blackmail Chief Hawkins (Jimmy Nicholas) into allowing her to take Violet’s (Hanako Greensmith) place as the 51-year-old head of the department. So, what will the series finale of NBC’s drama leave us with in terms of those storylines? Continue reading.

Wedding of the Stellarides

The bad news is that Severide’s mother may not be able to recover from her injuries. This wedding is for the two of them and not her, he informs his bride. As a result of a last-minute cancellation by another couple, they don’t have to pay a deposit, and Kidd has already secured the wedding site for them.

Together, Firehouse 51 does what they do best to make this last-minute wedding happen by delegating tasks. To top it all off? Tells Emma that she doesn’t have to worry about helping because Gallo (Alberto Rosende) won’t be around. Keep your distance from one of 51’s own. (And a great bachelorette party in her office with questions such, “What is the bride’s favourite position… in the CFD?”) Kidd has Brett as her maid of honour.

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Additionally, she asks Boden (Eamonn Walker) to lead her down the aisle in one of the episode’s best scenes. She tells him that most of her “true family” resides in the firehouse, where she works. What I really want to know is, would you give me away? Boden appears to be deeply moved. He declares, “That would be the greatest honour of my life.” “I’d walk you down the aisle even if it were yesterday or on the moon,” he says. “I’d do it.”

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Will the groom-to-be make it down the aisle? One of Campbell’s guys is keeping a watch on him following the penultimate episode’s call, and their struggle ends with the guy grabbing a knife and going out a window. He’s intending on testifying in the drug case he’s involved in. Detective Pryma (Troy Winbush) convinces Severide that it was self-defence, urging that he have police protection until Campbell is dealt with. You can trust me on this one: this wedding is going to happen. That’s why I don’t want anyone else knowing,” Severide tells Kidd. “Only you and Boden should know.” When it appears that Campbell is shutting down his Chicago operations and moving out of town, things are looking up.

Now that everyone’s glad to have Casey return after finding someone to cover his shifts—and even a “Cap” from Gallo as he walks into 51—everything is set to go well for the wedding… right? No, there isn’t. Even though Severide and Kidd are “meant to be,” as Casey tells him, they encounter a major problem at the venue: The second wedding has been rescheduled, and the deposit was paid by the guests of that event. It is to no nothing that Herrmann (David Eigenberg) pays off the other groom to change his date (“they’ve got significant commitment difficulties,” he comments of Stellaride).

Casey, played by Jesse Spencer in Chicago Fire

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In the end

Casey comes up with a workaround: hiring a tour boat with a captain who can marry the couple. To top it all off, Severide’s mother calls him on FaceTime despite her best efforts to meet him in person. It doesn’t matter to her what she thinks of Severide men or marriage; he deserves the fulfilment he’s found with Kidd, she knows. There will be a moment for the vows when Boden walks Kidd down the aisle to “All of Me” by John Legend


“Kelly, I can’t tell you how much I adore you. You never leave my side, even when I’m at my lowest. In Kidd’s estimation, “You are a great man,” he says. Even though it seems like a giant step into the unknown at the moment, I have faith in your ability to reassure me, “You got this Stella Kidd,” when I most need to hear it. I know that everything will be OK because it always is when you and I are together. Dear Kelly Severide, I adore you and cannot wait to spend the rest of my days with you.

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“Stella, I decided a long time ago that if I was going to be with you, I had to be worthy of you, which seemed impossible.” What can I do to earn the respect of someone who is unafraid to be completely open about who they are? It is because of you that I have become the better person that I keep hearing about. Your approach was to ensure that you truly understood who I was before you confessed your love for me. In the end, Stella, I may never be worthy of your love. But I promise to try my hardest. “I cherish our relationship.

So, of course, something terrible will happen in the last moments of the film. It appears like someone has arrived at the property and parked outside as Severide and Kidd begin their honeymoon.

Sylvie Brett is played by Kara Killmer, while Casey is played by Jesse Spencer in Chicago Fire.

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Brettsey’s Future

Early on, Brett tells Violet that Casey is happy in Portland, having discovered new joys in fatherhood and the fight against wildfires. The paramedic, on the other hand, claims that she’s glad to be back at 51.

They don’t confront the issue until they’re dancing at the reception. However, “you’ve established a great life for yourself,” Brett tells him, “Matt. But that’s your life; I can’t change it.” “My 51 family members, my job, and my life are all here. ” With so much time apart, how long can we go on like this?” He has no idea, “but we are together tonight,” says Casey. Brittney’s breakup is imminent, based on this information.

Ambulance 61’s Emma Problem

emma problem

Hawkins is pessimistic about their chances of finding Emma on the day of Violet’s last shift, as she’s buried her traces. As soon as Brett arrives back at 51, Emma introduces herself.

There are three characters in Chicago Fire: Caitlin Carver (Emily Jacobs), Miranda Rae May (Stella Kidd), and Hanako Greensmith (Vito).

Network Broadcasting Company/NBC

When Gallo and Ritter (Daniel Kyri) tell Violet everything is “OK, fine,” Violet tells Brett what’s going on. “Are we sure we can stop this?” Brett inquires about this. That doesn’t bode well, Violet concedes, and she warns her that she can’t reveal anything. Even still, the four of them are unflinching in their pursuit of an answer.

How will they accomplish this? Hawkins offers to take the hit for Violet, whether it be a transfer or resignation, while Brett makes sure Emma knows just how much Violet means to her (naming her best friend and “one in a million”) and that she should be thinking about her next job.

chicago fire season finale

Because of Emma’s insistence that the others will come to like her when Violet calls her out on the delusions she had about the plan of working with all of 51 in opposition to her, she runs out of a burning building and leaves Violet, Kidd and Gallo to help a pregnant woman in labour while she signs her own pink slip. “You’re not cut out for 51,” says Hawkins, now that everyone can see Emma for who she really is.

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Violet’s relationship with Hawkins, on the other hand, appears to be over. If he didn’t do enough to help as she perceives (it appears she doesn’t know what he was willing to give up), then dating your boss would be a mistake. So Violet and Gallo may be making a comeback in Season 11?

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