What Is Dab Me up Meme? Explanation of Its Meaning and Why Is It Widely Known?


But how did the ‘Dab Me Up’ meme get started, and why is it currently trending on Twitter? In addition, what does it signify? Let’s find out.

Memes are a common online phenomenon, and there are a few main types. Well-known examples are “Distracted Boyfriend,” “Doge,” and “Hotline Bling” by Drake. There’s also the Woman Shouting at the Cat.

Even while memes are ubiquitous online, there are always certain to be occasions when you just don’t get one. Dab me up is a strange meme that has been trending on Twitter recently; here’s all you need to know about it.

What Is the “Dab Me Up” Meme?

A picture of a yellow smiling emoji with a gold tooth is the basis for the ‘Dab Me Up’ meme. A yellow hand, poised to ‘dab,’ appears to be next to the face.

In 2015, young people began using a hand gesture known as a ‘dab,’ which consists of pointing one arm up towards the sky while resting one’s head in the other arm. ‘dab me up’ appears in the meme as well, but its meaning is unclear.

Dab Me up Explanation of Means

The informal greeting “dap me up” served as the inspiration for the phrase “dab me up.” Someone who asks you to “dap me up” is requesting a sexual act.

When welcoming someone, it’s common to shake hands, give a pound hug, bump fists, or bump chests. Recently, however, the phrase “dab me up” has replaced “dab me” when referring to the practice of ‘dabbing’ as a kind of greeting.

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Dab Me up Is the New “it” Meme

Now that we have defined what “dabbing” is and what “dap me up” means, the question becomes: where did this meme originate? It’s unclear who first used the image as a meme, but it’s become a popular way for Internet users to express themselves.

In January of 2021, a YouTube user by the name of DoubleJTheG uploaded a video in which he repeatedly posted the “dab me up” meme into an Instagram group conversation until he was banned from the group. It has since gone viral, spreading over the web.

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