Dating a Sociopath Cast: The Lifetime Movie Dating a Sociopath Is Rather Enjoyable


Is The Sweetheart or Dating a Sociopath the name of this 2018 Canadian film?

It all depends on where you saw it the first time.

It was titled The Sweetheart on Netflix when it first aired. The title had been altered to Dating A Sociopath when the film aired on Lifetime lately. We all know how much Lifetime enjoys changing titles, and I believe they did the right thing in this situation. Dating A Sociopath has an edge to it that The Sweetheart doesn’t have. The Sweetheart makes it seem like this is a film about one of those old ladies who keeps 60-year-old chocolates in a glass jar all the time. Dating A Sociopath, on the other hand, tells you almost everything there is to know about the movie.

Brian (John Cor) is the title character, a personal trainer who has a side profession where he seduces wealthy ladies, spends all of their money, and then murders them. John Cor does an amazing job as Brian, putting on a show even when he’s executing some of the most heinous acts imaginable. You can see how Brian became such a successful con artist thanks to Cor’s performance.

A Sociopath Plot for Dating

Samantha, a recently estranged affluent woman, and her daughter fight over Samatha’s new love in the movie Dating a Sociopath.

Samantha recently divorced her long-term partner and is attempting to restart her life as a single woman. Jane, who was injured in an accident, is recovering at home when she discovers that her mother has found a new man. Her mother’s fling is a fresh obstacle for her as she struggles to overcome her parents’ divorce.

dating a sociopath cast

Brian, who works as a gym teacher, looks to have smitten Samantha. Brian appears to be head over heels in love with her, but she has no idea that he is a serial offender who enjoys trapping wealthy single women.

Jane is suspicious of her mother’s new partner, and it’s up to her to protect her mother and their fortune from a man who appears to be just interested in material things.

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The Cast of The Film “dating a Sociopath”

Tyler McIntyre and Daniel Weissenberger penned the screenplay, which is directed by Max McGuire. The film, which was shot in Ottawa, Canada, will air on Lifetime Movies on September 13th, 2019.

Who Is Currently Divorced from Her Good-Hearted yet Alcoholic Husband

Samantha (Jessalyn Gilsig), who is currently divorced from her well-intentioned but alcoholic husband, is Brian’s most recent victim. Samantha considers Brian to be the finest, but her oldest daughter, Jane (Hannah Vandenbygaart), is wary of him right away. Jane, on the other hand, is dealing with her own issues. Jane gets a fractured leg as a result of her father’s inebriation and lack of fundamental driving abilities, and she spends most of the film on crutches or a cane. Jane’s situation is made much worse by Brian’s frequent tampering with her medication, all in the name of keeping her in constant pain and deceiving everyone into thinking she’s turned into a pill-popping drug addict.

dating a sociopath cast

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A Woman Who Has Broken Her Ankle Several Times

And, as someone who has broken her ankle several times and knows how painful the recovery process can be without painkillers, nothing made me loathe Brian more than those scenes where he would sneak into Jane’s room and change her prescription while she was sleeping. Those scenes would be enough to convince me that Brian was a psychopath if I hadn’t already deduced from the title.

Those scenes, on the other hand, cemented my support for Jane. I was ready to leap up and down with joy when Jane finally stood up for herself and began her own research into Brian’s past.

The Lifetime Movie Dating a Sociopath Is Rather Enjoyable.

Even though it wasn’t initially filmed for Lifetime, Dating A Sociopath is a really enjoyable Lifetime picture. In the two most significant roles, John Cor and Hannah Vandenbygaart are both well-cast, and the film will, at the very least, make anyone reconsider dating a psychopath. Even if it’s a delightful one.

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Dating a Trailer for A Sociopath

Keep an eye out for the trailer for the Lifetime film Dating a Sociopath, and let us know what you think of it.

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