Jeffrey Dahmer Ate His Brother, Is That True? The Secret Is Out!

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With Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, Netflix has a new smash hit on its hands. Over 196 million hours were watched within the first seven days after the production’s release on September 21.

The show is based on the crimes committed in the United States by one of the bloodiest serial killers of the 20th century. Dahmer, also called the “Milwaukee Butcher,” was responsible for the deaths of 17 children and teenagers between 1978 and 1991.

There has been a lot of interest in the grisly tale of the Milwaukee Cannibal, who ate some of the bodies he killed and kept others for souvenirs. In 1991, the criminal was apprehended and given 16 life sentences; three years later, he was murdered.

Jeffrey’s Parents, Lionel Dahmer and Joyce Anette Flint Are the Focus of Ian Brennan and Ryan Murphy’s Work

The father of the Milwaukee butcher is 86 years old, lives in Ohio, and has decided to retire from public life in 2020 after having spoken out for years about his son’s criminal behavior. The scientist even chronicled Jeffrey’s childhood in a book titled A Father’s Story. Published in March 1994, just months before his son’s murder, it details how Jeffrey’s crimes affected him, strengthened his relationship with him, and led him to admit that he put himself in his place during the trial.

However, he received harsh criticism for certain sections, notably those in which he speculates on the possible causes that led his son to commit such crimes. The author speculates in his book that the medications his wife took while pregnant may have had a detrimental effect on their child’s brain development.

did jeffrey dahmer eat his brother

And he blames himself for not giving Jeffrey the emotional attention he obviously needed as a child, wondering if his shyness may have been an unnoticed sign of his future murderous tendencies. Lionel visited Jeffrey frequently during his short time behind bars, and each visit began with a warm embrace.

As for Jeffrey Dahmer’s mom, she passed away in the year 2000 from a particularly vicious form of breast cancer. In the 1970s, when their son was 18, she and Lionel divorced after years of fighting and unhappiness caused by the chemist’s resolve to earn a doctorate. Jeffrey was a “normal boy,” she said, and she never saw any signs of trouble.

Before she passed away, she made it known that she wanted Jeffrey’s brain to be donated to science in order to determine the root of the cannibal’s savage nature. However, Lionel instead opted for cremation. According to her own words from 1993, “I wake up every morning and for a split second I don’t know I’m Jeffrey Dahmer‘s mother, and then it all floods in,” she was never able to fully get over her son’s criminal past.

Twice, in the months leading up to her son’s death and on his birthday in 1996, she attempted suicide. On her first attempt, she left the door open to her gas oven and turned it on; fortunately, she was discovered in time. The second time, she attempted to poison herself with carbon monoxide in the garage but failed and called 911 herself.

Brother of Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer Who Assumed a New Identity

The Milwaukee butcher’s younger brother decided to adopt a new identity after his older sibling was arrested and the news spread that he had killed 17 people.

Although David’s identity remains a mystery, in a 2004 interview with Larry King, Lionel Dahmer and his partner Shari (Molly Ringwald), who also appears in the Netflix production, claimed that David had a career and was expecting their second child at the time. Today, he is 56 years old.

Where Is David Dahmer?

David was born on December 18, 1966, making him 55 years old as of right now. Netflix Life reports that it’s unclear whether he’s still alive.

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