Do Mr. Beast and Maddy Spidell Still Have a Relationship in 2022?

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Their relationship had always been discreet, but in 2022, there were multiple rumors that said MrBeast and Maddy Spidell had split up.

Although they have been seen in countless images together, the two have never discussed their relationship openly. This piqued the interest of the public, who wanted to know what transpired between the two. There have been reports that the couple has broken up due to the lack of any new information from either party.

Have Mrbeast and Maddy Spidell Called It Quits?

If you believe Maddy’s Instagram from 2022, she and MrBeast probably broke up. The Instagram star posted a picture of herself and a mystery male companion on vacation together on July 25.

The pair appeared to be staring off into the distance as they relaxed on their getaway. The boy’s face was obscured, however. Maddy has made similar contributions in the past.

do mr. beast and maddy spidell still have a relationship in 2022

It all started on May 23, 2022, when Maddy uploaded a video depicting her ideal weekend. The Instagram celebrity then continues to document her day with a series of images and videos, including a steamy makeout session.

Although MrBeast and Maddy never confirmed their split, it appears the two have moved on. If they continue to follow one other online, it’s safe to assume they’re on good terms.

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What Scientists Know About Their Connections

Both MrBeast and Maddy were careful to keep their connection private, especially on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. However, Maddy confirmed their relationship via Twitter in 2019.

After being accused of only being with Mr.Beast for his wealth, Maddy decided to speak up. She quickly responded with a tweet reading: “If it wasn’t apparent – I don’t want Mr beast for his money, just want a boyfriend with nice taste in anime who can make me laugh leave me alone and let me have an unachievable internet crush LMFAO.”

MrBeast followed suit shortly thereafter by publicly confirming their relationship with a string of Instagram posts. Yet, he hasn’t updated his Instagram with a new photo of them since June 2020. When exactly their relationship ended is a mystery.

How Much Money Does Mr. Beast Have?

Clutch Points estimates MrBeast’s value at $25 million. The YouTube star has been open and honest about his business model.

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MrBeast, when a guest on Logan Paul’s show, stated that he spends more money on his videos than he makes. ‘If I make $3-4 million a month, I just blow it on movies and computer games,’ he confessed. It’s true that our profit margins are quite slim, but we just reinvest every penny.

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